OpenStack cloud

Public coud based on open platform

The virtual servers in OpenStack excels thanks to stunning performance and massive scalability. Only for the OpenStack was also created user friendly customer interface which can facilitate the using of the servers a lot. Try for your solution a platform where the clouds of world data centres giants run.

Open platform

Free OpenStack technology provides the virtualization of physical servers into virtual servers. This open source platform provides a complete infrastructure for building a cloud platform that is safe, reliable, and easily scalable.

Easy to use

The virtual servers in OpenStack excels thanks to stunning performance and massive scalability. Build your own cluster for high-availability solutions.

Branded servers by Dell EMC

Cloud platform is built on a brand platform of the leading producer of servers and technology. Thanks to advanced Dell EMC technology, your virtual server will be faster than you can imagine.

OpenStack server from $0.36 per day

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Individualized solution

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Block Storage

Public Cloud customers need a place for data storage. Block storage in the cloud solves the problem of increasing databases and applications over time. With block storage, even the most demanding processes will run smoothly and without problems.

Choose between two types – Capacity SAS and Performance SSD disks. Simply choose whether you prefer high performance or high capacity.

Administrator’s Advice

Virtual instances in the OpenStack are tightly defined in their size. Create an instance of your template and scale horizontally! We do recommend to store operating data on separate storage block (Volumes).

Martin Žídek, Technical Director

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