Microsoft licenses

Perfect tool compatibility for your Windows Server

Run your programs smoothly and reliably with Microsoft products. We provide not only the license but also the installation of the basic configuration onto your server.

Microsoft software from MasterDC

Wide range of products

Whether it is a database system, web server, or remote access, Microsoft offers a whole ecosystem of cohesive products, is mutually integrated, and forms a reliable foundation for corporate IT.

Ease of use

Unlike its Unix competitors, a Windows Server and its complementary software provide a comfortable user experience through a graphical user interface. This makes its administration a little more pleasant.

Tool installation

If purchasing MS software as an add-on to a MasterDC server, we take care of the tool’s installation in the basic configuration and prepare everything for use.

Straightforward licensing

Microsoft’s licensing system can be a pain even for the most experienced. Therefore, we give you a hand right from the beginning and design a more complex solution so that you do not overpay for licenses unnecessarily.

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More solutions from Microsoft

  • Active Directory (AD) – An LDAP-based directory service is used primarily to authorise and authenticate users or devices. For security reasons, it should run in an isolated environment.
  • Microsoft Office Professional – Installation and maintenance of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access on a single terminal server, which employees can access via a remote desktop. You can purchase a license for the entire suite of programs or each product separately.
  • VPN to Windows Server – An encrypted corporate network with enhanced infrastructure security.
  • Hyper-V – A native hypervisor can be used to virtualise a Windows server into isolated virtual machines. It also allows for creating checkpoints within individual virtual machines that can be returned. Hyper-V is free, but each virtual machine must have its own operating system – either Linux or Windows (licensed separately for each virtual machine).

More products for Windows Server

Managed Windows Server

Your Windows Server under control at all times. We ensure regular updates and immediate response to incidents. Imagine having a Managed SQL Server with no security or downtime worries – let’s turn that into reality.

Windows Cluster

Elevate the stability of your Windows Server-based services. We handle infrastructure design and implementation, while you reap the rewards of high-performance and automatic failover.

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