DevOps Implementation

Use advanced tools for faster software development

Proper process setup and appropriate use of different technologies and platforms significantly contributes to more efficient software development and better collaboration between the development team and the IT operations team.

What we will arrange


We will set up automation tools

Automation significantly speeds up and simplifies development. We implement the Attlassian Jira tool for recording tasks and errors or the Jenkins technology, which is used for process automation and continuous integration.


We will customise the infrastructure

In our data centres, we manage services from VPS through private clouds to complex cluster solutions. We can thus adapt the infrastructure to the given application. We use Ansible for easier multi-node deployment.


We will prepare the apps for Docker

Docker facilitates application development and deployment in a variety of environments. However, improperly written Dockerfile or poorly chosen image slows down the work. Therefore, we help clients with containerization and its optimisation.


We will help with the orchestration settings

A large number of Docker containers obscure their management and use. We will help you set up the Kubernetes orchestration tool, which will make it easier for you to supervise, automatically scale and work with containers.


We will configure CI/CD for GitLab

We will help with the setting up the CI / CD pipeline for GitLab. These methodologies ensure seamless integration, delivery, and deployment of software, and enable bug detection and standards from the beginning of development.


We will set up meaningful monitoring

Monitoring and subsequent data analysis helps administrators select the appropriate infrastructure for a particular application. The wide possibilities of Icinga surveillance software also prevent security and functional problems.

What technologies can we help you with?

Why to contact us?

We enjoy watching the project grow

We provide infrastructure adaptation, database optimisation, load balancing or data replication. As your project grows, we will make sure that everything is functional. This will allow you to focus on the core of your business.

Your data – our reputation

The security of user data depends not only on well-written code, but also on an adequate infrastructure as well. That is why we provide you with various variants of firewalls, backup solutions and above-standard protection against DDoS attacks.

We cooperate with clients closely

Whether it is setting up a methodology and automating development or choosing a suitable platform, we believe in an individual approach. That is why we communicate intensively with you so that the resulting solution reflects your real needs and possibilities.

Do you want to deal with partial DevOps problems?

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