Support Outsourcing

Profitable not only for small companies

Give your customers the feeling that they can always rely on you. Use our technical support team to help your clients

4 reasons for technical support outsourcing

Do not keep your customers waiting

The customers are automatically re-directed to a responsible team member. They will not have to be waiting for the connection long.

Your support will be informed

Our call customer support team is operated solely by employees who are very knowledgeable about your services and products.

You will avoid stylised communication

We do not believe in a controlled dialogue; we do not work with a script. We insist on individual approach and as precise distant assistance as possible.

Staff costs will reduce

In the long run, renting a team that is available 24/7 seems far more advantageous in comparison with regular payment of employees working in shifts.

Which issues are we concerned with on daily basis?

  • server restart
  • server and/or service failure
  • server and/or service deployment
  • personal server maintenance check
  • remote console connection
  • contacting administrators
  • server manipulation
  • switch outage
  • reconnecting the device to a back-up switch
  • personal assistance in the datacentre
  • server failures
  • hardware failure

How does our cooperation work?


We will get in touch

We will arrange an appointment and discuss with you what exactly you need to provide for your customers and clients, to what number of them, and which means of communication you primarily use.


We shall inspect the portfolio

In order to help your customers efficiently and provide them with as precise information as possible, we study your services thoroughly.


Let's make a mock test

Before launching in real conditions, we simulate a short role-play in order to avoid any drawbacks and to adjust the communication to perfection.


We are done

If everything goes well, we can plunge into work. You can return to your business development and we take care of your customer support.

Appointment in Brno conference room

Let's discuss it together

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