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Galera Cluster

It allows a reliable database running with excessively high availability

The Galera cluster open source technology is used to replicate MySQL and MariaDB databases to three or more nodes. This minimises the risk of interrupting data writing.  

Galera cluster features


All replication and communication takes place between nodes automatically.

Easier scaling

Depending on the application, almost linear scalability can be achieved.

Issue analysis and identification

The technology detects and eliminates unreliable and non-functional nodes.

Galera cluster vs. common database backup

Galera Cluster database replication

  • Replication starts instantly, no delays
  • Data are identical in all of the nodes
  • Regardless of HW failure, database is immediately fully functional and available.
  • New data are recorded even if one of the nodes fails.
  • As for unintentional data overwriting, the data are written over in all nodes.

Common database backup

  • Backups are performed regularly with a certain time interval
  • The backed up data do not contain changes since the last replication
  • The database must be restored to be in “active” mode
  • Before recovery, the data have nowhere to be written to and will be irreversibly lost
  • If the data are accidentally overwritten, they can be restored from the backup

How does Galera work?

Galera cluster enables replication of databases to individual nodes in active / active mode as well as in active / passive mode. In active/active mode, all nodes are ready to write and read at the same time. In active/passive mode the data are written primarily to the active node and then to the passive nodes, which act as a replacement in the event of a hardware failure.

Michal Köning, Software Development Manager

“In the MasterApp division, we use Galera cluster technology to run applications to ensure high availability and power distribution between database servers. ”

Michal König

Software development manager

We will build a custom Galera Cluster for you

We will build a custom Galera Cluster for you

In terms of cluster for highly available databases, we are to able to either build it completely, consult or provide you with the cluster solution monitoring. We also provide database optimisation or performance balancing between individual nodes using load balancing.

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