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A popular orchestrator which simplifies working with containers

Kubernetes is an open source software which works as a container orchestrator, the same as Docker. It groups containers into logical units and thus makes their management more efficient.

Kubernetes orchestration advantages

Containment supervision

Kubernetes offers many tools for monitoring both individual containers and entire clusters.

Platform independence

Kubernetes can be used for the cloud, on physical servers and in various hybrid infrastructures.

Automatic scaling

Thanks to Kubernetes, containers are scaled automatically and efficiently as needed at the time.

Apps transportable

Applications are separated from the infrastructure, which facilitates the portability of applications to different environments.

Did you know that ...

“kybernetés” was the term for helmsman in ancient Greek? The naming of the technology thus reflects what Kubernetes does – managing and organizing containers.

Kubernetes Cluster for the discerning ones

At MasterDC, we use Kubernetes to create private clusters. In combination with state-of-the-art hardware, data centres in two locations and other technologies, we can build a Kubernetes cluster with high availability at all levels.

What will Kubernetes help you with?

A key factor in Kubernetes is an automation and optimisation of processes that would otherwise have to be done manually. Therefore Keburenetes is particularly appreciated by the developers who work with large numbers of containers and need to administer them efficiently. It is also convenient for those who need a reliable service continuity, since owing to Kubernetes it is possible to achieve remarkably high availability.

With Kubernetes

  • Kubernetes makes it easy to control deployments and updates.
  • It orchestrates containers located in different places (cloud, physical server, hybrid infrastructure).
  • It optimises resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) so that they are used as efficiently as possible.
  • Scaling resources and applications is real-time.
  • Contains mechanisms for automatic testing and recovery.

Without Kubernetes

  • Deployments and updates are confusing and take more time.
  • It is necessary to log in to each location with containers and take the required action.
  • Sufficient infrastructure will cost more than necessary.
  • Gradual scaling of containers is delayed and takes more time.
  • Developers spend more time finding and fixing bugs.

A strong developer community

This orchestration tool was developed by Google which Kubernetes uses to manage a huge number of containers; its functionality is thus tested on an extremely large scale. In addition, Kubernetes is enhanced by a strong community that is constantly developing new plugins that expand its functionality.

Martin Žídek, MasterDC Technical Director

“If you are going to move to Kubernetes with an application already created, its architecture must be prepared in advance.”

Martin Žídek


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