High performance Dell Server

Managed Server

Your server managed by professional admins

  • Leader in managed services in Czechia
  • Practical and safe control panel
  • Backups included

Security and protection

We ensure that the managed server is exposed to as few threats as possible. Administration involves regular reporting and protection against attacks and viruses.

Immediate support response

If a problem occurs on a managed server, it is essential to act fast. So we guarantee a reaction from our technical support within 15 minutes at any time day or night.

Regular system updates

A non-updated app might represent a danger to the server. For managed servers, we take care of updates ourselves.

We help with migration

Our administrators will help you to arrange the transition from your current provider to ensure it is smooth.

Our clients' experience

7 years with us

“The technicians and administrators at Master always do their best to help us ASAP. And I have to say it hasn’t happened yet that we haven’t found a solution. At the very beginning, it was the Technical Director himself, Martin Žídek, who got us out of a tight spot.”

Karel Marciniszyn
Corporate Manager IT Administration and Support

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Administration comparison

  No administration Managed Lite Managed Enterprise
Administrator interventions For a fee For a fee 3 hours
Administration availability By agreement Within working hours 24/7
Monitoring For a fee
System updates
Backup patches
DDoS protection For a fee For a fee
Backups included 25 GB 100 GB
Software options None Restricted* Unlimited
Operating system Linux, Windows Linux Linux, Windows
Control panel For a fee ISPmanager For a fee

* For Lite administration, we provide the most common services and apps, including a web server (Nginx, Apache, PHP as a module/FastCGI/FPM), databases (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL), and a mail server (Exim, Dovecot). Other interventions can be implemented by agreement.

Server is optimised for specific applications

No administration means hidden server charges


DDoS attacks have been becoming more and more common. But people still undervalue protection against this threat and potential outages result in great financial losses. Our managed servers have efficient Radware protection so you do not have to worry.


An outage of a few minutes might mean you losing hundreds of customers. Our managed servers are supervised 24/7 by professionals who facilitate high availability. Outages are detected and dealt with immediately.


Managed servers save time and money. If any complications occur, an administrator detects the cause of the problem quickly and suggests a solution, so you can be working on your projects uninterrupted.

Repairs and updates

Low cost, lots to do. Obsolete applications threaten server security; monitoring your servers is completely up to you. If you encounter an issue that you do not know how to deal with, you still have to find an expert.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which server technologies do you use?

    Managed servers are available as managed virtual servers (VPS) on Proxmox/KVM, highly available managed VMware cloud servers, and dedicated Foxconn and DELL servers.

  • Is it possible to manage servers stored with a third party?

    We can also provide administration for individual clients’ servers, whether they are run at our data centre or are placed with third parties.

  • Which operating systems can be used with managed servers?

    We provide managed Linux hosting as well as managed Windows hosting. Therefore, the choice of the operating system is completely up to you.

  • Will I have access to the managed server?

    Yes. Complete server administration is not available, but you can get restricted administration rights, for instance via a ISPmanager control panel.