Dell EMC Server

Dedicated Server

Stunning performance and stability for the discerning

  • Customisable parametres
  • Powerful AMD EPYC and Intel Silver processors
  • The latest generation of DELL PowerEdge servers

Close cooperation with DELL

We have been building services on DELL Technologies for a long time. We became Dell’s first CSP partner in the Czech Republic and thus gained access to hardware under favourable conditions, positively reflected in our services.

Immediate support response

When an issue emerges on a server, it is necessary to act fast, which is why we guarantee our support’s team response within 15 minutes anytime, whether it is day or night. You do not have to worry about your server.

Adaptation to a specific purpose

Will your applications, infrastructure, or e-shop run on your server, or do you intend to develop software on it? If so, we are happy to set up a server for specific purposes, and we have experience with a wide range of technologies, including DevOps.

Two private data centres

Two is more than one. Are you particularly needing the backup of secondary locations and/or searching for another site for geocluster construction? If so, you will appreciate that our data centres are in both Prague and Brno.

Our clients' experience

2 years with us

“AIt is the professionalism and stability of the delivered solutionsthat we particularly appreciate in Master. They respond to our requirements immediately and are just reliable. Which is why we can fully focus on our own business.”

Josef Klimenta

More references

Dedicated server variants

Leave the advanced server set-up to us

We will boost the efficiency and security level, and optimise the database. Discover how else we might be at your service

Support in the data center is present 24/7.
Owing to biometric authentication, only the people with a certain bloodstream are allowed into the data centre. Equipment providing freecooling, which saves costs and nature.

Infrastructure in the security of the data centre

Entrust your servers to data centre professionals. Get rid of the noise and worries; yourd hardware will be perfectly sound and safe.

  • In the data centres, the security and technical support assists 24/7.
  • As for biometric authentication, no one can get into our data centres without proper bloodstream.
  • Besides, the data centres are also equipped with CCTV and fire alarms.
  • Due to free cooling technology and air-conditioning units, the centres are cooled ecologically with lower electricity consumption.

You are particularly interested in...

  • What is the difference between a managed and a dedicated server?

    The fundamental difference is in the so-called administration of the server. For a dedicated server, only the installation of the operating system is included in the service price, and all other software, backups, updates, etc., you take care of. Therefore, if you want to avoid these worries, it is recommended that you choose a Managed Server. The main advantage of managed servers is that, in addition to management, our supervision also comes with 24×7 system monitoring and providing proactive solutions for any possible problems. Furthermore. the service always includes managed backup of server data to our backup servers.

  • Will I have a superuser (administrator) account?

    A dedicated server is always set with a customer superuser account, and we also allow access to the out-of-band surveillance card server in HP iLO and Dell EMC iDRAC.

  • What software will you install on my server?

    It all depends on the agreement. By default, we install the selected operating system, SSH, Apache, MySQL, PHP, and other software the customer needs on Linux servers.

  • How many IP addresses are included, and can I buy more?

    The price of a dedicated server includes 1 IPv4 unless otherwise stated.

  • Do you provide IPv6?

    Yes, throughout the network. We provide individual customers with prefixes of size /48. From these prefixes then /64 to the server.