VDS Hosting

High Performance Virtual Dedicated Server

  • Dedicated hardware resources
  • VMware ESXi virtualisation
  • Branded Dell EMC hardware
  • HW server monitoring included in the price

Physical server performance

Thanks to the full virtualization of hardware resources, the environment is reserved only for you, so you do not share the performance with anyone. VDS hosting is therefore an ideal choice for a discerning projects.

Cost savings

With VDS server, you can reach more powerful hardware than with virtual servers. For the same parameters, you pay 20% less for VDS hosting and, in addition, you get hardware that is not shared with other users.

Quality both the hardware and technical equipment

We run the service on Dell EMC servers with hardware RAID, dual connectivity and power. Your servers are under the constant supervision of our technicians in an above-standard secured data centre.

Immediate support response

When a problem occurs on the server, we act quickly. Guaranteed response time of our technical support is within 15 minutes at any time of the day and night. Hence you won’t be bothered with hardware anymore.

Our clients' experience

8 lyears with us.

“Master helps to sustain the technological centre of digital world in Siko. Thanks to experienced admins, I actually think of Master services when accounting only.”

Jiří Prášek
Technical Support Manager

More references

VPS and VDS hosting comparison

  Virtual Server Virtual Dedicated Server
Virtualisation platform Proxmox vs. Hyper-V VMware
Dedicated performance
First-rate hardware
Maximum parametres 4 / 8 / 320 ?1–4 CPU, 2–8 GB RAM a 50–320 GB SATA/SSD 10 / 90 / 700 ?5–10 CPU, 45–90 GB RAM, 200–700 GB SATA/SSD
Hardware scaling
Advanced monitoring included in price

How does the VDS hosting work?

We have enriched Dell EMC servers with Intel processors with the VMware ESXi hypervisor, which virtualises at the hardware level. We reserve all parameters for only one customer. That means there is no need to share CPU, memory and bandwidth with anyone else, as is the case with VPS. VDS ensures extreme performance at a low cost and frees you from hardware worries.

You are particularly interested in...

  • Which OS is supported by VDS server?

    VDS server supports Windows 2019, Linux Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian.

  • Is VDS hosting functional on Docker?

    Yes, it is. In order to install it, you might use our manual.

  • Can I order managed VDS hosting, that is, including your administrators’ services?

    Yes. Managed VDS is available in both Lite and Enterprise versions, as well as our other services – virtual server, cloud hosting, or dedicated server. You can order it on the managed server page.

  • Is it possible to backup the VDS with snapshots?

    The VDS doesn’t support snapshot backups. But you can use traditional backups.