Dell EMC Servers

Cloud Servers

Highly available stress-free hosting

  • Fully redundant DELL / VMware architecture
  • Multiple data replication
  • The best performance of CPU and IOPS

99.99 % availability guarantee

We offer a contractual availability guarantee of 99.99% by virtue of our unique cloud architecture, quality hardware and virtualisation technology. However, in reality, the availability is even higher.

Four levels of data protection

Our cloud server has multi-layer security. However, for backups and data mirroring on independent storage, we also provide replication to another data centre on the off chance of a disaster.

Custom configuration

Like customers – like cloud servers, we take pride in providing an individual solution for each and every customer. Therefore, we will be happy to consider very specific requirements both for hardware and the system.

Option of full administration

Stop worrying about updates and maintenance. We can take care of it instead, along with backup, 24/7/365 monitoring and immediate outage resolution. Therefore, you never lose any data again. We can even design a private cloud for you, just drop us a line.

Our clients' experience

6 years with us

“Working with MasterDC brings us peace of mind. Roger grows by more than 100% every year and that and that comes with a lot of new technical requirements. And we know that with MasterDC we will always work them out.”

Adam Šoukal

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Installing Microsoft solutions

Reach high reliability and trouble-free program running on a Windows Server with Microsoft products. They are fully compatible with the operating system and their range is truly wide. We will arrange their basic configuration installation for you.

MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Advanced database and analytics system
  • Compatible with relational, non-relational, structured and unstructured data
  • Widely used for business data analysis, as part of corporate and other applications, or for data storage and warehouse management
  • We install Web, Standard or Enterprise editions on servers
  • The Enterprise edition allows the management of databases of up to 524 PB

MS Office

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019:

  • Product installation and maintenance on a single terminal server, which employees can access remotely from their desktop
  • MS Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access products
  • You can purchase a license for the entire software suite, or for each product separately


Microsoft Hyper-V:

  • A native hypervisor is used to virtualise Windows Server into isolated virtual machines
  • It allows you to create checkpoints within individual virtual machines that you can return to
  • Hyper-V itself is free but the virtual machine must have its own operating system – either Windows (licensed separately for each virtual machine) or Linux


Internet Information Services:

  • Web server from Microsoft that is fully compatible with Windows Server OS
  • Its features include, among others, certificate authentication, IP security and URL authorization
  • Supports protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP
  • The third most used web server after Apache and NGINX, hosting over 10 % of websites

More services

More additional services by Microsoft:

Active Directory (AD) – an LDAP-based directory service that is primarily used for user or device authorisation and authentication. For security reasons, it should run in an isolated environment

Windows Server RDS – allows remote access to applications installed on the server. This add-on is licensed

OS Windows Server Datacenter – one of the advantages over the Standard edition is the ability to create a larger number of virtual machines with OS Windows Server Standard with no need to license them

VPN to Windows Server – encrypted corporate network which increases infrastructure security

No else but branded hardware is used for cloud servers

Our unique cloud platform runs on Dell HW with VMware vSphere virtualisation.

  • Efficient servers Dell EMC PowerEdge with 256 GB RAM
  • Software defined storage vSAN
  • Converged switches Dell EMC of S series
  • Redundant configuration N+1 which prevents from failures
Create your own virtual data centre

Create your own virtual data centre

Add servers and change their parameters anytime you need. Then, using a VMware cloud platform, you can put together a unique VDC to manage yourself via a web interface. All network components and complex solutions, such as storage clusters, are integral to a virtual data centre.

Cloud server take care of by our administrators

Leave the server administration to profi admins

Our administrators share their know-how daily, thus complement each other in their professional fields. They know how to cope with routine operations, complex cluster constructions, and proposals for disaster recovery plans. They will also help you with complete server administration, so your business will be your primary concern.

Administration includes:

  • system set-up and maintenance conducted by certificated administrators
  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring and server supervision
  • an immediate dealing with urgent issues, no later than one hour
  • regular updates, security patches and data backup

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  • Will my cloud be backed up?

    To ensure that your data is backed up in your cloud server, it is necessary to purchase a complementary backup service. Concerning the cloud, you might choose from three of these essential services.

  • What if I want to change the billing form during the course of the contract term?

    You may change the billing form anytime during the contract term without waiting for the contract to expire. However, if your contract has expired, please get in touch with our Sales Representative.

  • How will I control my cloud?

    You will control your MasterDC cloud server using the vCloud Director interface. Having established the service, you will receive an activation email that will include a URL for logging in, your login details, and instructions on how to administer the server. Via this interface, you will be able to switch off, switch on, and/or restart the server, connect your CD drive and ISO file as a virtual drive for the server, etc.

  • How can you guarantee 99.99% availability in cloud hosting?

    Quality hardware and state-of-the-art virtualisation technology are why we can afford to guarantee such high availability of the service. Moreover, the contractual guarantee practically means any downtime must not exceed 53 minutes in total per year.