Database Optimisation

Make your applications faster

Using an optimised database, the latency is lowered and the capacity increased. As a result, your software, which is database-dependent, becomes faster.

Why to optimise databases

High data availability

Company and customer data are crucial for enterprising. Having applied optimisation and an appropriate database backup, their availability and security is increased.

Smoother running of applications

A lower latency, and hence a smoother application running, is a result of optimisation of query form, and a careful selection of an appropriate platform, hardware and database structure.

No more worries about the growth

An adaptive architecture results in a better scaling. Thus it is easier to react to an increasing amount of data and more application users.
A developer working on database optimisation

Database optimisation will be appreciated by:

  • Confidential and strategic data administrators
  • Application developers who work with enormous amount of data
  • Companies, which need to unify the work with more databases
  • Whoever who needs to make the database more efficient and faster

Why to leave the care of databases to us

We know how to deal with various database types

Except for common relational databases such as MySQL and its follower MariDB, we can cope with object-relational database PostgreSQL. We are familiar with the NoSQL database concept as well.

We optimise based on the data analysis

The optimisation is only done after a thorough monitoring and data analysis of an existing solution has been finished. Hence based on our experience from datacentre and software development, the optimisation is proposed to fit your needs.

We are familiar with the database cluster technologies

We will help you to implement and configure the Galera cluster, which guarantees high SQL Database availability. We can also help with a schemaless databaseElasticsearch, which is suitable for unstructered data.

How we proceed with optimisation


Contemporary System Analysis


Database Solution Monitoring


Data Collection and Their Evaluation


Parameter Proposal and Adjustments


Performance Comparison after Optimisation

How we optimised the Numbo Call Blocker database

Phone number database is still a crucial part of our applications which removes unsolicited phone calls Numbo Call Blocker. In order to face up to an issue of high latency and to increase database capacity, we did a thorough optimisation. In the chart you can see how the database features changed.

  Before optimisation During optimisation
Items in the database app. 80 thousand app. 14 million
Latency 30–90 s less than 1 s
Number of clients performing data updates 2–5 unlimited
Server infrastructure One server in CR Multiple servers around the world – always close to the client

Do you want to optimise the database?

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