Cluster Solutions

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Within a computer cluster, a group of nodes acts as a single system, which provides high availability, load balancing, and parallel data processing.

The cluster will help you handle...

Specific cluster solutions

Kubernetes Cluster

The Kubernetes private cluster will take care of the easy scaling of applications and their uninterrupted rolling updates when deploying new versions as part of development.

Galera Cluster

Ensures high availability and load balancing between database servers. We implement, set up and manage the gallery cluster for you.

Windows Cluster

The Hyper-V cluster architecture enhances the stability of services running on a Windows Server OS. Failover technology ensures minimal downtime.


Solutions running in two separate locations are known as high-availability or failover clusters, and data is copied in real-time to the same backup source. If a primary site fails, the service will still run continuously.


These are clusters that run in parallel in Active / Active mode within one location (Prague or Brno). A typical example is a customer’s primary infrastructure with replication to a MasterDC data centre.

Asynchronous Replication

For even higher availability, choose asynchronous replication for your solution. We create the current storage copy in several time intervals and store it on hardware at a separate location – for the Prague MasterDC in Brno and vice versa.

We are Proxmox's partner

Cluster solutions and highly available private clouds are often built on Proxmox VE. We have been cooperating for a long time with Proxmox, and on their technology, we run virtual server VPS services as well. A certified partnership only confirms the know-how of our administrators.

How the cluster is negotiated and its construction


We will discuss your requirements for the security or robustness of the system (for example, based on website traffic).


We will design the cluster according to the required number of load balancers and workers in active/active or active/passive mode.


We will set up synchronous or asynchronous data replication in the cluster.


We will assemble, optimise, and get the cluster running.


We can take care of the entire solution.
Optimisation of cluster functioning

Optimisation of cluster functioning

We distribute the load in the cluster between servers using load balancing. We also offer this as a separate service for customers whose IT already runs on several servers. We also provide DNS load balancing or DNS redirection.

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