Cluster solutions

For high availability and nonstop operation

We propose advanced solutions that consist of cluster construction to clients that require extreme availability and performance for their project. Therefore the cluster solutions are the ideal choice for demanding projects or e-shops with high traffic.

Extremely high availability

The heart of the service is load balancing. The load is distributed according to the capacity and identical data are being replicated on each server. This ensures continuous operation.

Experience with own clusters

We manage the public cloud Prague – Brno with Site Recovery technology. We share our know-how and own experiences with our customers.

Geographic consolidation

Data stored in one locality are replicated in real time to the identical backup machine. We can deal with data mirroring in one town or between long distances.

How to deal with cluster solutions

By building high-availability clusters, you can avoid or eliminate outages in operation caused by non-functional systems or hardware defects. At MasterDC, we have experiences with both clusters operated within one datacenter and geographically separate locations.

When designing a cluster solutions, we consider the needs of the clients. We choose either synchronous or asynchronous replication in the following regimes: Active/Passive or Active/Active. If the synchronous replication is not technically possible, we implement quasi-synchronous replication.

We can also provide:

  • metro clusters
  • fail-over including the plans and regular testing
  • complete backup infrastructure in a secondary location
  • network transfer
  • set up and provide a Disaster recovery plan
  • consultation and counseling
  • 24/7 surveillance

Geo clusters

By geo clusters (high-availability cluster or also failover cluster) we mean the solutions running in two separated locations. In case of an outage of the primary location, the service continues non-stop thanks to the same backup machine in the second location. We support VMware and Hyper-V platforms.

Metro clusters

mirroring of disk arrays, two synchronous locations in one town. Implementation within Prague or Brno. A typical example is a primary infrastructure close to the customer with replication to MasterDC datacenter. The advantage is Active/Active mode and transparent operation.

Asynchronous replication

so-called Site Recovery, runs in Active/Passive mode from one city to another. All data from the primary disk array are being copied into the disk array within a backup location. The complete backup infrastructure is reserved there. Switching between primary and secondary location runs according to plan.

Load balancing

While a cluster is a group of servers that work as one, the load is divided between each server thanks to a load balancer. It can also be provided by DNS load balancing or redirecting DNS and much more.


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