Server firewall

Detects dangerous content and network attacks

Filtering traffic through a firewall layer protects your servers from attacks, untrusted or unwanted content, and misuse for malicious purposes.

Why choose a firewall from us?

Traffic monitoring

The firewall has an overview of all incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. It also monitors and controls the traffic according to predefined rules.

Blocking attacks

Firewalls deny unauthorised users and untrusted data access to your network, reliably repelling individual DoS attack attempts.

Depth filtration

MasterDC firewalls remember previously checked connections, hence they filter quickly and efficiently. In addition, they also identify data within packets.

Deployment with an expert

We will deploy the network protection system for you and ensure it is configured with the existing elements of your current security.

Firewall pfSense

  • It will also serve well as a LAN, WAN, or VPN router.
  • It is a stateful packet firewall that looks for links between controlled connections.
  • It filters traffic faster by storing information about previous connections.
  • It translates network addresses for re-mapping IP addresses in data blocks.
  • It runs on a high availability platform.
  • It is easily managed via the user interface.
  • You can get it to operate on a cloud server on the VMware platform.

Firewall MikroTik

  • A hardware firewall from MikroTik ensures high performance and reduces the risk of firewall overload.
  • It works as a stateful packet firewall, which stores information about scanned packets and can find connections between them.
  • It supports routing and VPN servers.
  • It filters IP addresses, port protocols, network interfaces, source MAC addresses, and TCP options.
  • The administration is performed via SSH, a Winbox program that copies a text interface, or a graphical interface available through a web browser.
  • It can be supplemented by your dedicated server, managed server, or server housing.

FortiGate firewall of new generation

  • It performs an in-depth analysis of network traffic and specialised protocol control.
  • It handles large data flows and is, therefore, ideal for enterprise networks and branch connections.
  • It is also available as a virtual alternative for a physically inaccessible infrastructure.
  • It detects known attacks before they hit the network.
  • The dynamic analysis identifies unknown malware, its outbreak, and the affected services.
  • It is available for dedicated servers, managed servers, cloud servers, or server housing.
Firewall management

Firewall management

The price of the service includes the configuration of the firewall with other security elements of your solution. However, to maintain a high level of protection, the system will need to be updated regularly. If you do not want to worry about the firewall, we will ensure its safe functioning for you.

Other services for higher security

DDoS Protection

Radware DefensePro hardware protection filters real-time traffic and eliminates network DoS and DDoS attacks.

Bot Manager

A Radware Bot Manager tool for the monitoring and evaluating of web traffic that detects bad bots.

Application protection

Specialised FortiWeb, AppWall and FortiMail systems for the protection of your web applications and mail servers. 

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