Database as a Service

The most advantageous way to an efficient database

  • MariaDB database high availability
  • SLA 99,99 %
  • Daily backups a week back
  • Full platform administration

A few-minute installment

As for an elementary monitoring and setup, the database is ready to use in a few minutes. To run it, you do not need any other know-how. Using root access to database, you can manage your data immediately, and watch the source availability and database performance.

High performance and availability

The service is technically designed in order to eliminate any performance disruption. Since it runs on several independent nodes, and due to synchronic replication and keppalived technology, during the failure an automatic failover is applied; as a result, we guarantee 99.99% availability.

Low operating costs

A lump sum is all you pay. For you to install your own high-available database you would have to invest in no fewer than three servers and a trained administrator. When using DBaaS, you have all in one for 66 EUR per month.

Untroubled updates and maintenance

Hardware maintenance is our job. Rolling update implementation is done when running; as a result, there are no service failures. 30 minutes of debugging per month by our administrators is included in the price.

Our clients' experience

2 years with us

“In Master we appreciate professionality and stability of the supplied solutions. They respond to our requirements instantly and are just reliable. Thanks to that we are able to focus on our business heart and soul.”

Josef Klimenta

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Why is database as a service so convenient?

Database on the hardware of your own

  • High hardware costs that might still increase.
  • Hardware must be adapted to an eventual scaling.
  • You must take care of hardware on your own.
  • You ought to employ an expert with a sufficient know-how.
  • Other costs must be paid for data backup.
  • You must watch for source availability and solve the failures pro-actively.

Database Hosting Services

  • You pay a fixed monthly price.
  • You flexibly shift to bigger or smaller database.
  • You do not take care of the hardware.
  • You do not need any know-how.
  • The price includes daily backups available a week back.
  • The service guarantees SLA of 99.99 % and it is us who deal with platform issues.

Architecture of DBaaS from MasterDC

We run the service on DELL EMC enterprise hardware. Load balancer is a part of the architecture. It directs the quests to individual database instances. In case of primary load balancer outage, the public IP address is transferred to another load balancer node in the cluster. Orchestration provides automated service launch, its scalability and control. Database instances are separated by full virtualisation, which ultimately isolates resources of each customer and thus contributes to a higher security level.

Managed database hosting includes

Well-arranged source display

Having launched, the admin access to database, one dedicated IP address and port numbers, which you will use when connecting to individual nodes, are to be sent to you. You will have an access to Grafana as well; there you can follow source availability, node load and you have the list of requirements displayed.

Platform administration

Hardware administration is managed by us. Your service will run as it should; we will take care of all necessary update installments and right backup functions. You will only need to manage your database on data level. However if you find yourself at your wit’s end, you have 30 minutes of debugging free of charge.

Monitoring and backups

Not only will we manage your hardware, but we will monitor it as well. The service involves an elementary monitoring which might be extended to an active monitoring system and a notification system. It also includes an automatic daily backup available one week back.

Do you want an efficient database with minimum concern?

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