VPS Europe

Virtuals that we would get for ourselves

  • Fast and efficient SSDs
  • Automatic VPS launch within minutes
  • VPS Hosting from 11 EUR per month

Two virtualisation platforms

Each virtualisation platform has its own specifics and is suitable for different purposes. Which is why we offer two different platforms with two virtualisations. KVM for OS Linux and Hyper-V for OS Windows.

Instant automatic establishment

It is not necessary for you to wait for your virtual server deployment. Just a few clicks and your VPS is ready to use.

Immediate Support Response

If a problem occurs on VPS server, it is essential to act fast. We guarantee our support’s team response within 15 minutes anytime whether day or night. Hence you won’t be bothered with hardware issues anymore.

New Windows Server 2022

In addition to Linux and Windows Server 2019, you can also get a VPS with Windows Server 2022. The latest version of the operating system provides better security, speeds up many processes and improves containerisation features.

Our clients' experience

8 years with us

“Master helps to sustain the technological centre of digital world in Siko. Thanks to experienced admins, I actually think of Master services when accounting only.”

Jiří Prášek
Technical Support Manager

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Choose a VPS server platform

VPS platforma KVM

  • full virtualisation
  • VPS with dedicated kernel
  • OS Linux (AlmaLinux, Debian, Rocky, CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • immediate setup

from 11 €/mo

VPS platforma Hyper-V

  • full virtualisation
  • VPS with dedicated kernel
  • OS Windows 2019 or Windows 2022
  • immediate setup

frrom 17 €/mo

Configure your own VPS

from 11 €/mo


Do you need advice?

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Do you hear that we are certificated Proxmox partners?

We have been using the Proxmox VE platform for years and know the ins and outs of it. Use our knowledge and if you find the VPS insufficient, you can have your own Proxmox VE cluster built as desired.

VPS hosting is managed by an experienced team of administrators.

Have your VPS server managed by professional admins

Our administrators share their know-how on daily basis and thus complement each other in their professional fields. They know how to cope with routine operations, complex cluster constructions and proposals of disaster recovery plans. They will help you with a complete administration of VPS hosting on KVM and Hyper-V platform so that your only care will be your own business.

Administration includes:

  • system set-up and maintenance conducted by certificated administrators
  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring and VPS server control
  • an immediate dealing with urgent issues, no later than one hour
  • regular updates, security patches and data backup

Leave the advanced server set-up to us

We will boost the efficiency and security level of your platform, and optimise the database. Discover how else we can be at your service.

You are particularly interested in...

  • What is the difference between the VPS hosting and cloud?

    Virtual Servers (VPS Hosting) are a low-cost alternative to common cloud hosting. Although both of these services are operated on completely different hardware, they both use advantages of virtualisation. Compared to cloud hosting, we do not provide service availability guarantee when it comes to virtual servers.

  • For whom are the VPS servers suitable?

    If you find the capacity of webhosting insufficient and a dedicated server would not be of much use for you, VPS is one of the options. As a matter of fact, it is a compromise; you work with the server entirely the same way as if it were dedicated only to you, but practically the hardware is shared by several users.

  • On which hardware and how is VPS used to be operated?

    VPS servers are run on professional Dell EMC machines and HP. Hyper-V for Windows servers and LXC (former OpenVZ) are used as a virtualisation technology, or KVM for Linux distribution is implemented. Servers are located in a secure professional data centre., literally just a few steps from where the 24/7 technical support works.

  • May I swap with Docker?

    Obviously nothing prevents you from that. Each virtual server on KVM platform has its own OS/core so that it is technologically possible to run a Docker on it as well. Remember that before the containment is done, the architecture of the application itself must have been prepared. For installation you can use our instruction manual.

  • Is VPS with Windows operating system compatible with Microsoft RDS?

    Windows Server RDS, which allows remote access to applications installed on the server, cannot be licensed for virtual servers which are set up automatically via Customer Administration. If you are interested in running Microsoft Remote Desktop Services on your VPS, send us a request via the “Configure your own VPS” option.