Server Monitoring

Advanced monitoring for your servers

Server unavailable; Protocol failure; Full disk; Hardware failure due to overheating; all of the above might cause many troubles. Monitoring might prevent all such problems perfectly well.

Server Monitoring 24/7/365

We use robust Icinga software for our hosting services, which is based on the proven Nagios monitoring project. All monitoring takes place non-stop under the supervision of technical support and administrators.

What is commonly monitored?

System resources

CPU usage, cache, number of running processes, or free disk space

Mail protocols

POP (message download), SMTP (message transfer), IMAP (remote mailbox access)

Network communication

HTTP, HTTPS and SSH protocols for secure communication in a computer network

MySQL databases

Number of connections to MySQL databases, their possible overloading and backup of MySQL databases

Availability and control

Monitoring ping of servers and ISPmanager control panel for managing Linux servers

More notification options

Icinga automatically monitors various areas at a certain interval and sends notifications of unusual changes to our customers. If an error occurs, the monitoring interval is shortened so that its development can be monitored. We can also send a more detailed report on request.

Sending error notifications can be set up for customers via:

  • SMS messages
  • e-mail
  • Mattermost or Slack applications
Server monitoring both for the new and current customers

Server monitoring both for the new and current customers

You can order advanced server monitoring for any server hosting. If you already have a service set up with us and would like to extend it with advanced monitoring, contact us and we will arrange it as soon as possible.