Server Backup

A reserved space on backup server

Have you ever thought about what happens to your data when attacked by a virus and/or when your hardware or OS fails? Having backed up your data, you can prevent significant financial losses.

What does the service include?

Data space

You will gain space on backup server in the data centre of your choice

Secure access

Encrypted access using the preferred protocol

Technicians at hand

Our technicians will help you with the very first setup

Backups as you command

Data management and recovery, including backup frequency, will be your responsibility

Graphical interface

Linux servers might be backed up using a user-friendly interface in ISP Manager.

Recommended software

For OS Windows, Veeam Agent or Windows Server Backup are recommended

Supported protocols


Backup Options

Common backup

Backups represent a data copy stored on a different data carrier, often in a different location. For that very purpose we provide for our customer a space on a reserved backup server and we take care of its availability. Backup tools and the backup process itself is thus entirely as the customers command.

from 0.031 € / GB


The VMware cloud customers might appreciate an accessory to a convential file backup, which makes copies of the whole system to a specific time. Having created a snapshot, the image of a server state on the data storage at a certain point is taken. When in need, you can restore the server to a previous state immediately.



Did you know that

for Managed customers (Enterprise version) the backup service is included in the total service price?

Managed Backups will get rid of the worries about backups for you


We will tune the whole process

We will choose a suitable software (BackupPC, Windows Server Backup), we will set up the backup frequency, and limit the storage access solely to selected IPs.


The number of backups guaranteed

We usually make differential backups once per day, with incremental backups then once per fortnight.


Restored when requested

If it is necessary to restore the data from backups, our administrators will look after it. Just contact the technical support.


We will setup access for restore

If you are interested, you can restore tha data from the web interface lest you need to contact the support.

Our administrators might help you not only with the server backup, but also with the entire service administration.

Any questions? Write to us immediately

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