Data Centres

MasterDC Data Centres are the right places for your data

Formidable Security

Our data centres are protected by six security levels and personnel authorisation is above all based on biometrics. In security we follow contemporary trends which we implement into practice, since we have our own CSIRT team and FENIX membership.  

Infrustructure Experts

We began in the times of Amazon selling music, Google registering its first domains and Facebook was just a distant dream. Since then we have gained plentiful valuable experience which is priceless both for our clients and partners every day.

Two Data Centres of Our Own

Two is more than one. Particularly at times when you will be in need of a secondary location backup and/or when looking for another location for a new geocluster construction, you wil appreciate that our data centres are operated both in Prague and Brno.

24/7 Supervision

Physical security supervise the buildings of data centres 24/7, as well as our experienced support team does. Every one is careful not to let any unauthorised person into the data centre.

Brno Data Centre

Total Area: 750 sq. metres
Extensible up to: +500 sq. metres
Location: Cejl 20, 602 00 Brno

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Prague Data Centre

Total Area: 850 sq. metres
Extensible up to: +350 sq. metres
Location: Kodanska street 46, 101 00 Prague 10

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Data Centre Security

The entrance into the data centre is supervised by a physical security of the object 24/7 . The team members of MasterDC support are constantly present. Personal detection of the people entering and wandering in the data centre is facilitated with a certificated electronic security system and CCTV online recording monitoring. PIR senzors notify of any suspicious movement.


Only when accompanied by an authorised employee, who must identify themselves at the 2-zone entrance via the RFID/PIN reader and using biometric authorisation (i.e. via blood stream), you are allowed to enter the data centre. Blood stream database is encrypted and no unauthorised person is eligible for the access.


The data centre involves an automatised Fire Protection System with smoke and heat detectors. The extinguishing system is based on an eco-friendly gas FM200 which is environment-friendly both to the servers and the environment.

Brno Support Biometric Authorisation
Fire Extinguishers

Data Centre Appliances

Power Supply System

The technologies are powered by two independent branches “A” and “B” of alternating voltage of 230 V. If an issue and/or service occurs on one of the branches, the technology might be powered by the other fully functional branch. Two transformer stations of high voltage, which are designed to power the data centres exclusively and thus are not shared by any other subjects, are the primary source of power supply for the branches.

Cooling of Server Rooms

Two air-conditioning units of 100 kW performance are connected in N+1 redundancy. The regulation works on the principle of connecting and dis-connecting of the cooling circuits. In some server rooms, it is operated electronically. In rooms, the raised floor system and hot/cold aisles system are applied as well. The temperature in the cold aisles is in the range of 22 to 25°C, humidity reaches 40 up to 60%.

Backup Sources

Power supply branches are backed up via online UPS with separated battery modules so that they are protected from unexpected power amplitudes. In case of long-term power-cuts and/or shutdowns, after 40s the redundant motor-generators 2N+1 – which are tested once per month – start working. They can run for at least 24 hours before in need to refuel; oil supply is contractually agreed.

Network and Connectivity

MasterDC core network is fully redundant – all network nodes are connected at least from two indepdendent directions. In case of a failure of one of the lines, the operations are automatically re-directed to a backup connection; hence a high availability is guaranteed. The netowrk is built as L3 leaf-spine design using 40 and 100 GbE. Connectivitiy is facilitated via Arelion and RETN networks, and with great Czech operators, such as O2 and UPC, we have direct peering connects.

Network infrastructure is protected by Radware DefensePro hardware. Our CSIRT team takes care of our network security. Besides, us being members of the FENIX project, we also participate in cyber safety of the whole internet.


Low Latency and Limitless Data

Autonomous system and BGP are responsible for automatic operation re-direct into other core networks thus avoiding failures of customer servers availability. Data transfers are limitless; the lines for the transfers are carefully selected in order to prevent delays.

Peering and Transit

100 Gbps

100 Gbps

2x100 Gbps

10 Gbps

100 Gbps

10 Gbps

80 Gbps