Server assembly

Live Cloud

The only cloud with fair billing

  • you only pay for what has been done
  • we charge solely for real use in 20-second intervals

A unique way of billing

Do not pay elsewhere more than you have to. We are the only one to offer cloud s billing based on real use of server tools  in time.

Guaranteed quality-of-service wireless access of 99.99 %

An extremely high service availability of 99.99% is contractually guaranteed, which in  practice means flawless functioning.

Secure data thanks to replication

Live server is save. A coherent Disaster Recovery solution protects all our cloud customers from long-lasting unavailability of their data. To avoid the risk of mishap, all data are replicated into backup disk arrays.

Our clients' experience

8 years with us

“Master helps to sustain the technological centre of digital world in Siko. Thanks to experienced admins, I actually think of Master services when invoicing only.”

Jiří Prášek
Technical Support Manager

More references

Comparison with other services

Feature Server Housing Dedicated Server Virtual Server Cloud / Live Server
No initial investments
(no need to purchase hardware)
Timeless hardware
(hardware is restored)
Availability guaranteed
optional 99,99%
Flexible service
(simple performance boost)
On-demand model
(real-use billing)

No else but branded hardware is used for cloud servers

Our unique cloud platform runs on Dell HW with VMware vSphere virtualisation.

  • Efficient servers Dell EMC PowerEdge with 256 GB RAM
  • Software defined storage vSAN
  • Converged switches Dell EMC of S series
  • Redundant configuration N+1 which prevents from failures

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