DDoS Protection

Protects your servers from cyberattacks

Real-time AntiDDoS protection filters out unwanted traffic and eliminates network DoS and DDoS attacks. As a result, your server is highly available and protected even when it is under attack.

Hit before the attack

The Radware DefensePro platform integrates several technologies. It can detect an ongoing attack and filter it out at the same time. These include, for example, statistical analysis, probability theory and others. The main referee module at DefensePro is the so-called Fuzzy Logic Module

How does DDoS protection work?


We connect customer servers behind a specialised Radware DefensePro switch.


All incoming traffic to the server passes through this device.


The device continuously learns the statistical profile of the network's operation; if a deviation occurs in the case of an attack, it can automatically detect and block this attack.


Therefore, it protects against volumetric and flood attacks up to 20 Gbps.


Allows configuration of two levels of protection.


The result is an operation without disruption and crashes of applications.
Anti DDoS protection reliably filters out common attacks

Everyone needs AntiDDoS protection

AntiDDoS protection will generally be appreciated by all companies doing business on the Internet, regardless of their size. Attacks do not make a choice. And their number is growing.

  • e-shops
  • banks, financial and insurance institutions
  • ISP providers, technological companies
  • bookmakers and game servers
  • travel agencies and online booking systems
  • political parties
  • public administration institutions, such as offices, hospitals, or universities

How are attacks filtered?

Radware DefensePro evaluates the network traffic using the patented technology of behavioral data analysis (NBA). If deviations occcurs during the attack, the device automatically recognises it, generates a dynamic signature, and blocks the attack.

Regularly informed

With AntiDDoS protection, you will not even notice the attack. Not only does APSolute Vision external management allow us to send reports, but it also provides individual protection settings for individual clients where possible.

Included in the price of the service:

  • 24/7 protection
  • elimination of attacks up to 80 Gpbs
  • a log of filtered attacks is available in Customer Administration
  • alert emails during an ongoing attack


  • PDF reports for the past period