A part of the server

Server Housing

A secure space for your technologies

  • compact lockable Rittal enclosures
  • possible to place tower servers
  • convenient transport accessibility including parking

Two private data centres

Two is more than one. Particularly in need of backup of secondary locations and/or searching for another location for geocluster construction, you appreciate the fact that our data centres are located both in Prague and Brno.

Three Decades of Experience

We began in the times of Amazon selling music, Google registering its first domains and Facebook was just a distant dream. Over the years, we have gained a wide range of valuable experience which our customers and partners benefit from on a daily basis.

Formidable Security

The sanctity of your data is our highest priroty. And this will never change. Our data centres are supremely protected in terms of physical aspects. Owing to the use of AntiDDoS protection also against cybernetic attacks.

Immediate Support Response

If a problem occurs on a VPS server, it is essential to act fast. We guarantee our support’s team response within 15 minutes anytime whether day or night. Hence you won’t be bothered with hardware issues anymore.

Our clients' experience

9 years with us

“We have moved our entire IT infrastructure to MasterDC data centre and we are glad we do not have to deal with this part of our business anymore.”

Jiří Tobola
VP Flowmon Business Unit

More references

Leave the advanced server set-up to us

We will boost the efficiency and security level of your platform, and optimise the database. Discover how else we can be at your service

The technical support in data centre is available 24/7.
Authentication via blood stream is one of the safest ways. Freecooling is an economical and ecological way of the data centre cooling.

Your data in an absolute safety of our data centre

Entrust your servers to professionals in the data centres. Get rid of the noise and worries; your hardware will be perfectly sound and save.

  • In the data centres, the security and technical support assists 24/7.
  • Without the right biological input, there is no one to enter our data centres since they are protected by biometric authentication.
  • Besides, the space is equipped with the CCTV and fire alarm.
  • Due to free cooling technology and air-conditioning units, the space is cooled down ecologically with lower electricity consumption.
  • It is a MUST for us to have a backup power generator, dual connectivity and power supply.

You are particularly interested in...

  • How shall I estimate server power consumption in configurator?

    If you do not know the power consumption of your server, do not hesitate to contact us. Having gained years of experience with housing servers, we are capable of estimating their energy consumption per month just based on their technical parameters. While installing the server in the data centre, the real consumption is always measured with wattmeter.

  • Do you provide connectivity with unlimited data transfer?

    Yes, we do provide. We offer either limited or unlimited connectivity, or billing using 95 percentile method.

  • Are you connected to the internet?

    Our core network is based on the 100ge technology (100 Gbit Ethernet). Connections are formed either by one or more 100ge lines. Current capacity of connection abroad is provided by several independent 10ge lines. For transfers within CZ, we are connected into peering centre NIX via 2x100ge. Moreover, with big networks in CZ (Telefonica O2, Upc and others) we have direct peering connects.

  • Will I be able to repair server any time indeed?

    Yes, our data centres are available 24/7, 365 days a year. You and the authorised personnel may come anytime in order to check your server and/or conduct necessary interventions.

  • What are the dimensions of rack units?

    Interior dimensions of rack-units are 60 x 100 cm.

  • May I install a tower server in your place as well?

    Yes, we do offer colocation for tower servers as well. Feel free to request it in any of the configurations mentioned above.

  • How many IP addresses are included in the rack-unit rent price?

    When renting the whole rack of up to 47 U, 32IPv4 services are also included in the price.