SSL Service

SSL encrypts communication between the server and a client

Protect your reputation and your customers’ data. Having created a SSL certificate, your website becomes more trustworthy, and the transfer of clients’ data to your server becomes more secure.

Why is it a good thing to own the SSL certificate?

Transactions Protection

SSL certificates protect data transmission between the server and the browser. This will keep customers’ personal data, including birth dates or credit card numbers, secure.

Lock Icon

The distinctive lock icon and https prefix in the address bar tell users that they are actually on your website.

Trust and Prestige

The use of SSL certificates inspires more trust among users than insecure sites. The fact that you handle their data securely will be appreciated, for instance when making a purchase.

Better SEO Results

Sites running https appear higher in search results. With certificates, you are likely to improve your SEO level.

Professional Certificates

  • SSL certificates signed by the root authority CA Certum of Asseco
  • recognized by all common browsers
  • hash algorithm SHA-2
  • public key size 2048 bit
  • confirmation of domain ownership via a file on the server or via a DNS record
  • normally for one domain, the subdomain www
  • also in the wildcard version
  • when requested we also provide EV certificates (extended validation)
  • renewal takes place according to the agreement, by default we will contact you by e-mail before the certificate expires

SSL Certificates Free of Charge

  • full Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates 
  • for managed services, i.e. servers managed by our administrators
  • management and renewal without worries, certificates are renewed automatically before they expire
  • can be used with both Linux and Windows servers
  • three-month validity with automated renewal
  • we can issue a SAN certificate (Subject Alternative Name) for multiple domain names in one certificate
  • automated addition of a certificate to existing domains
  • also in the wildcard version – valid for all subdomains of one domain

Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL allows you to protect all subdomains of a given domain. The certificate issued for * will thus also be valid for addresses,, and all other addresses in the domain.

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