AWS Direct Connect

Amazon Reserved Instance – low latency guaranteed

Amazon Web Service users are provided with a physical connection of their AWS services with a physical infrastructure in MasterDC data centres. Therefore, flowing data does not use the public internet, which contributes to higher security and service level.

Hybrid infrastructure is most frequently used (as follows)

Pay less for data transfer

The more data you work with, the more money you save. The money saved will exceed the line and port lease reserved for transport.

Low latency

Each customer has a dedicated router port and a reserved band. Under no circumstances is the service shared; as a result, latency is reduced and the infrastructure permeability increases.

High level of security

In some cases, AWS Direct Connect might be a necessary pre-requisite of regulatory requirements for infrastructure solutions.

The final price includes 4 items:

  • Price of services in our data centre – most freqently server housing and/or dedicated server
  • Prices of your AWS services
  • Direct connect with AWS – depending on the speed and line type from 10.000 CZK
  • Price for BGP set-up infrastructure – individual; you can purchase the set-up on your own

The speed of the device depends on individual needs and configuration. It is approximately in the range of several days to weeks.

Who might be benefitting from a hybrid infrastructure?


Specific hardware requirements

You cannot connect your own hardware into public cloud. If you have specific requirements for hardware, possibly due to testing and/or hardware key connection, this hardware might be placed into MasterDC data centre and, with the use of Direct Connect, might connect to AWS.


Compliance with legal requirements

Owing to legal and/or legislative reasons some data must not leave the Czech Republic. As for the hybrid infrastructure, you will soon discover that your data are safe with the Czech provider, and at the same time you might use an infrastructure of multinational public cloud.


Confidential data deciphering

Confidential data are often encrypted in public clouds. To decipher them it is advisable to have your own server into which the data are – via AWS Direct Connect – transferred and deciphered.


Optimisation of purchased licenses

Concerning software, the licence policy often does not allow it to be run on the cloud. Eventually, this way of functioning is not economical; the companies thus try to find a solution so that the already purchased licences are optimised.

The administrators in our data centre.

In case of line failure, for instance due to unintentional cable breach during construction work, the line automatically shifts to internet connection. As a result, the AWS connect is not disrupted, it only becomes slower with a common latency.

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