As our customers see it

We have been helping our clients to take care of their company IT for almost 30 years. We guarantee smooth functioning of both hardware and software. What do they say about our work?

9 years with us

“We have moved our entire IT infrastructure to MasterDC data centre and we are glad we do not have to deal with this part of our business anymore.”

Jiří Tobola

Company Director

9 years with us

“Working with MasterDC brings us peace of mind. Roger grows by more than 100% every year and that and that comes with a lot of new technical requirements. And we know that with MasterDC we will always work them out.”

Adam Šoukal


6 years with us

“At MasterDC, we appreciate the long-term cooperation on various projects, currently mainly consisting in providing support for the operation of our automated warehouses. They actively work with the DevOps team at Rohlik and are involved in the design of server solutions.”

Ondřej Klamt

CTO Rohlik Group

8 years with us

“In Master I particularly appreciate their helpfulness. We always come up with even a better solution compared to what we had considered at first.”

Renat Magadiev

Head of IT

11 years with us

“Technicians and administrators in Master always do their best to help asap. And I must admit it has not happened so far that we would not find the solution. In the very beginnings, it was the Technical Director Martin Žídek alone who got us out of the tight spot.”

Karel Marciniszyn

Corporate manager IT administration and support

14 years with us

“We have gone for Master as our subcontracter of the hosting services for many reasons; of the most essential I would list flexibility, long-lasting stability on the hosting market and primarily the professional background of data centres in Prague/Brno locations.”

Jiří Hašek

Product Manager

6 years with us

“In Master we appreciate professionality and stability of the supplied solutions. They respond to our requirements instantly and are just reliable. Thanks to that we can fully focus on our own business.”

Josef Klimenta


15 years with us

“Master has been our long-term partner and no fewer than twice has helped us immensely. Actually, without Master we would not exist and definitely would not evolve to such an extent as we are today. The biggest advantage is that you start dealing with the people from management extremely fast. It feels like Master is not an impersonal corporate in which management is settled behind some impenetrable wall. Whenever we came up with things we could not manage, they decided to help us.”

Pavel Šnajdr


12 years with us

“Each and every year having used Master services, we have been more and more satisfied. In terms of “nothing is impossible” motto, they solve each specific request. Due to quality technologies our e-shop solution is fast and safe. Premium clients particularly appreciate protection against DDoS attacks and 99.9% e-shop availability.”

Juraj Bystrický


12 years with us

“MasterDC helps keep the technology center of the digital world at Siko. Thanks to their capable admins, I basically only know about Master’s services during invoicing.”

Jiří Prášek

Technical Support Manager

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