T-Mobile logo

A specialist in telecommunications technologies, who brings a comprehensive approach to the market, integrating communication and information technologies as early as in the development phase of the solution. More information

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Sony logo

One of the largest media corporations and a leading manufacturer of electronics, video, video games and communication tools for retailers and professionals. More information

Anect logo

A leading supplier of professional solutions in the sphere of information and communication technologies focusing on complex supply and construction of computer networks for medium-sized and large customers. More information

Deufol logo

A supplier of packaging materials and logistics services, an expert on Czech and European markets. They have been occupying a leading position worldwide in the sphere of packaging for export for more than thirty years. More information

ESFČR logo

One of the three EU structural funds, crucial for the development of employment and the implementation of the European Employment Strategy. More information

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iPrima logo

FTV Prima operates nationwide television broadcasting of Prima, Prima COOL, Prima Love and Prima ZOOM channels. The brand was established by renaming the first commercial TV station in the Czech Republic, which began broadcasting in Prague in 1993.

AAAauto logo

The largest used car dealer in Central and Eastern Europe. AAA AUTO Group has been involved in the market for more than twenty years and operates a dense network of branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, but also in Hungary and Russia.

Čedok logo

The oldest brand of Czech travel agency operating in the market continuously since 1920. It has been declared the best travel agency in the Czech Republic several times.

Tele3 logo

The company is engaged in the operation and implementation of Internet services, ranging from domain registration and related web hosting services to server management.

Direct logo

The company is engaged in the operation and implementation of Internet services, ranging from domain registration and related web hosting services to server management.

MPSV logo

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is a state administration body responsible for labour and social security. It plays an essential role in the payment of pensions and social benefits.

MMR logo

Ministry of Regional Development is the central state administration body in matters of regional policy, housing policy, and more. Due to its responsibility for the management of funds, it plays a significant role in the state administration.

New Green Savings logo

A State Fund operating under the Ministry of Environment, which organizes, among other things, a subsidy programme named the New Green Savings Programme. To start this subsidy programme, the makers of the application for submitting applications took advantage of the benefits provided by cloud hosting from Master Internet.

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ČTK logo

Politically and economically independent national press and information agency whose mission is to provide objective and comprehensive information for free formation of opinions.

Central group logo

The largest residential developer and investor in the Czech Republic. A stable company with twenty years of history, which has had more than one third of the market for new housing in Prague for a long period of time.

VUT Brno logo

A recognized educational institution that offers contemporary scientific excellence and expertise on eight faculties and in the Institute of Forensic Engineering in a wide range of technical fields in particular.

ČVUT logo

Czech Technical University in Prague with eight faculties and 18 thousand students is one of the biggest and oldest universities in Europe. In cooperation with Central Bohemian Innovation Centre ensures development of high school student’s skills in IT and cybersecurity.

Cetelem logo

A nonbank provider of credit products and services, who has been operating on the Czech financial market for more than fifteen years.

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Komerční banka logo

Komerční banka, a subsidiary of the French group Société Générale, is one of the leading banking institutions in the Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe. It provides financial products and services for citizens, small and large enterprises, natural and legal persons.

Rohlík logo

The online supermarket Rohlik.cz has been delivering grocery to Czech households since 2014. Thanks to Rohlík, more than 50 thousand customers in Prague and Brno can save time spent shopping and enjoy their lives instead.

Kasa.cz logo

One of the largest online shops in the Czech market, providing a wide range of goods. Master Internet prepared a cluster solution for Kasa.cz that allowed to implement new features, but also substantially increased the availability of servers.

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CzechInvest logo

A state-funded business and investment development agency strengthens the competitiveness of the Czech economy by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

Frekvence 1 logo

A private nationwide radio station, which, together with radio Evropa 2, has long been among the TOP 3 most listened to radio stations in the Czech Republic.

Evropa2 logo

A private nationwide radio station focusing on young listeners. Repeatedly ranks among the TOP 3 most listened to radio stations in the Czech Republic.

Siko koupelny logo

The largest network of shops specializing in kitchen and bathroom equipment and operating in forty shops throughout the Czech Republic.

Ptáček logo

PTÁČEK wholesale, the market leader and the biggest sales network. Provides a range of water, heating, gas, bathroom, utilities and renewables in more than 150 stores throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Staropramen logo

Staropramen Breweries are the second largest beer producer in the Czech Republic. The company is also a major Czech exporter.

Okay logo

Number one on the Czech market in sales of electrical appliances, operating a dense network of retail shops in Central Europe.

Polar logo

The biggest and most watched regional television broadcasting in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Cleverlance logo

A Czech company providing consultation and comprehensive software services, especially in finance, insurance and telecommunications sectors.

Chaps logo

A software company developing IT applications and systems in the field of passenger transport by road or rail. Products of this Brno company have been an integral part of the lives of millions of passengers for more than fifteen years.

Cykloworld logo

E-shop and the largest network of specialized bicycle stores in the Czech Republic. In addition to bicycles, it offers a full range of cycling accessories.

Oxyonline logo

A specialist in e-shops and all e-commerce activities. The company is also the publisher of the three major Czech Internet media - World of Hardware, TV Freak and Digimania. For Oxyonline our company designed a rack housing program with the placement in two locations.

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Tee Time logo

The CTG group is the author and operator of information systems ensuring key processes related to golf in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Centrally operated Internet applications of the company keep records of the Czech Golf Federation, and provide booking and check-in of players on dozens of pitches.

Byznysweb logo

ByznysWeb offers online solutions for creating websites and online stores. Web page or e-shop is immediately ready for filling with content. ByznysWeb is run by Slovak company IRISOFT which is operating in the market since 2003.

Etnetera logo

Etnetera a.s. has been helping shape the appearance and functionality of the leading Internet portals in the Czech Republic for 20 years already. At the same time, Etnetera develops its own products (jNetPublish, Soyka, SmartMeter).

Elnino logo

Internet perfumery Elnino.cz offers perfumes and cosmetics from more than 360 original brands. It operates in two physical branches in Prague and holds the title of ShopRoku (Shop of the Year) 2009 – 2013.

Amnesty International logo

Amnesty International is a global movement that monitors human rights violations and initiate campaigns against violations. At present, the movement has 7 million members and sympathizers in more than 150 countries and regions. It also achieves the results thanks to the authority it acquired over its 50 years of activity.

VB Taxi logo

VB Taxi originally from Bratislava, Slovakia has its own fleet with a unique yellow-white design of Communist police, Verejna Bezpecnost (Public Safety). A competitive advantage compared to other taxis is, in addition to ordering through a mobile application, a top-quality information system. It is created internally and runs on MasterDC servers.

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Hartmann logo

HARTMANN-RICO a.s. is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and hygiene products in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1991 by the entry of Paul Hartmann AG into the former Rico Veverská Bítýška. The company is part of the HARTMANN international group based in Heidenheim, Germany.

Renocar logo

Renocar is one of the leading authorized dealers of BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands. The company also provides an authorized service to the above-mentioned brands. Renocar operates in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic.

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