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Ceph Cluster

Scalable and reliable solution for data storage in a cluster

Ceph is an open software which is used for data replication in clusters. Ceph is one of the SAN disk arrays. The file system is thus formed only on the client’s server. The file system is thus formed only on the client’s server.  

How does Ceph work?

Based on CRUSH algorithm, Ceph divides and replicates data into different storages. In case one of the storages fails, the affacted data are identified automatically; a new replication is formed so that a required number of copies come into existence. The algorithm is defined by so called Replication Factor, which indicates how many times the data should be replicated. One of the biggest advantages is that this factor can be changed at runtime, Ceph will then automatically create the necessary copies for already stored data.

Why to consider using Ceph?

It increases both performance and reliability

Ceph is responsible for data layout, and balances the performance in the framework of a cluster.

Alterable when running

A wide rande of configuration options and alterability without shutting down the cluster

Metadata unnecessary

Ceph does not require metadata that lower performance and increase the risk of data unavailability

Customised setup

It is possible to set up number of replications and which data are to be available from SSD

Automatic response to failures

An immediate response to storage failure and to other potential faults therefore provides a high data availability.

Did you know that ...

Ceph was originally created as a dissertation thesis? However, it has slowly become a project backed by a strong community that includes representatives of major IT companies and organizations such as Cisco, SanDisk, Intel or RedHat. 

MasterDC administrator who is an expert in CEPH platform.

Why to take on Ceph with us?

  • Customised infrastructure

    In order for the Ceph to work as it should, it is necessary to prepare and adapt the infrastructure. As a data centre, we are able to offer a wide scale of various solutions which can take full advantage of the Ceph technology.

  • 5 years of experience with the Ceph

    CEPH technology has been used long for private architecture solutions, Kubernet clusters and as a backend for our mobile apps. We are able to design a suitable solution for specific customers’ needs.

  • High speed network

    In Master, connectivity is facilitated with highly redundant network that is based on Cisco technnologies, which uses Telia network. Thus we know how to cope with excessive demands on highly available clusters.

  • High data durability

    Ceph technology automatically identifies corrupted backups and creates a new replica. As a result, it provides consistent data and a safe environment for long-term data storage.

Ceph Storage

Ceph Storage

In addition to private Ceph clusters, we also provide shared Ceph Storage with high data durability. The entire storage system consists of a minimum of eight (8) nodes with 40 Gbps connectivity and compatibility with Amazon S3 REST API. So you do not have to build the entire cluster from scratch and only pay for the dedicated GBs.

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