Web Accessibility Analysis

We test the accessibility of websites and mobile applications

Accessible websites and applications will be appreciated not only by people with disabilities, but also by seniors and other users, for whom browsing will become more convenient.

Why have a website accessible?

Accessibility statement

Public institutions must have their websites and mobile applications accessible in accordance with Act 99/2019 Coll.

80.000 visually impaired

For the visually and otherwise handicapped, shopping online is more pleasant than going to a local shop.

More than 2 million of seniors

The number of seniors online is growing year by year, and the websites that are accessible help them with orientation and shopping.

Did you know that ...

an accessible website not only makes user navigation easier for various groups, but also helps to better position of the pages in search results?

Accessibility consultation

We provide consultations on partial problems related to legislation, the creation of websites and applications, or we will immediately advise on a specific solution. Consultations take place in person, by phone or online.

Price individually

Accessibility training

We prepare training as the company or institution requires. It will be appreciated by both frontend developers and web content administrators. The training comprises the theoretical part, where you will learn how to be generally accessible, and the practical part, in which the theoretical knowledge is applied in practice. Training can also be done at your company’s headquarters.

From 77 € / hour

We encourage the visually impaired

We have been cooperating with Svetluska for almost six years now, and we employ blind colleagues and spread the knowledge of software solution accessibility. Together we have covered up the project for training of the blinds on auditor accessibility and thus helped to their requalification. 

Why is the accessibility of e-shops important?

We’ve tested the accessibility of 10 e-shops. Read how the study turned out.

Radek Pavlíček, guarantor of the Web Accessibility Analysis service

Radek Pavlíček is one of the best experts in the Czech Republic

Radek Pavlíček is the only Czech member of the IAAP and also holds several internationally recognized certificates. He has been working on the website accessibility since 2000 and has already completed hundreds of analyses. He also works for the Teiresiás Center of Masaryk University, organises educational workshops and runs the POSLEP blog. As a recognized authority in the field of accessibility, he is also a member of many evaluation commissions.

Radek Pavlíček
Service guarantor, accessibility auditor

Roman Kabelka, web accessibility auditor

Roman Kabelka tests websites from the position of a blind developer

Roman Kabelka focuses on testing the web accessibility from the perspective of the user of the reading device. As a graduate of a master’s degree at the Faculty of Informatics, he combines his professional and user views with experience in web administration and application development. She also works at the Teiresiás Center of Masaryk University, where she helps students with special needs.

Roman Kabelka
Auditor and accessibility trainer


Accessibility according to legal standards

We establish the accessibility audit on requirementsof the law 99/2019  (Act on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications), which applies to public institutions such as schools or municipal and regional authorities. This law came into force for all websites without exception September 23, 2020. At the same time, we conduct the audit in accordance with an internationally recognized methodology WCAG 2.1.

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