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Proxmox VE

A platform for an easy virtualisation management from the one environment

Proxmox VE (Virtual Environment) is an open source tool that allows the deployment and management of VPS with KVM or LXC virtualisation from a single interface. It is also used to create cluster solutions and private clouds.

Proxmox VE Advantages

Live migration

Thanks to the live migration function, it is possible to move running virtual machines with KVM between 2 cluster nodes. The end user does not register an outage.

Easily controlled

Proxmox VE is controlled via a web interface. This allows administrators to manage KVM or LXC-based VPS from a single location.

Supports scaling

Proxmox VE is not just for managing virtual machines and containers. Thanks to very good scalability, it can also be used for creating clusters.


The platform has a REST API that allows you to connect third-party tools. The REST API is in JSON format, which helps for quick and easy integration.

Network storage support

It is possible to add various types of storages from the web interface. For instance Proxmox VE is perfectly well compatible with GlusterFS or CEPH.

High availability for clusters

The multi-node Proxmox VE HA cluster allows you to define highly available virtual servers. Thanks to this, you will always have the data at hand.

VPS with KVM might be set up automatically

VPS with KVM might be set up automatically

We use Proxmox VE to manage and deploy VPS with KVM virtualisation. The service can be set up automatically in our customer system. There you choose custom parameters and having paid the installation fee, the VPS will be launched.

What is the difference between KVM and LXC?




Virtualisation type Full virtualisation OS virtualisation
Operating system Linux?OS Debian, Ubuntu, Centos Linux?OS Debian, Ubuntu, Centos
Embedded virtualisation?Embedded Virtualisation is responsible for VPS virtualisation and facilitates creating other virtual instruments inside of it.
Containerization (Docker)
Kernel module?Kernel Module is required by more advanced applications and services such as DRSS (Distributed Replicated Storage System which uses Linux platform core).
Live migration via Proxmox
Kernel versions Private Shared

MasterDC as a certified Proxmox partner

We have been cooperating with Proxmox for a long time and we also use our experience with their platform in the construction of cluster solutions and private clouds. Let us build an advanced infrastructure with high availability.

Presentation of new versions

As with most software, Proxmox VE must be updated regularly. New functions and changes are always clearly presented on the Youtube channel, as in the case of version 6.3.

Did you know that ...

Proxmox VE has its own file system? Proxmox has developed its own Proxmox Cluster database file system (pmxcfs). It allows you to store configuration files and replicate them in real time to all nodes in the cluster. No other virtualisation platform uses this file system, making Proxmox VE a unique platform for creating and managing clusters.