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A reliable platform to create extensive cluster storages

GlusterFS is an open source network file system (NAS) that allows you to create large cluster repositories with various features.

Why do we use GlusterFS?

High performance and speed

GlusterFS technology eliminates metadata, which significantly increases the performance and speed of the entire storage.

Scaling and elasticity

GlusterFS easily adapts to changes in data volume, and can handle capacity in the order of petabytes.

User Community

The GlusterFS open-source community is constantly innovating, and users can make suggestions for improvement.


GlusterFS and its architecture

Bricks are an elementary aspect of the GlusterFS architecture. These are stored on individual servers, whilst there can be more than one on one server. The bricks are then organised into volumes, which then function as a common file system available via NFS (Network File System) or GlusterFS protocol.

Elementary GlusterFS Volumes Types

Using GlusterFS it is possible to create three elementary sorts of volumes which might be mutually combined. Distributed replicated volumes that use more servers, on which the data are replicated, are frequently used.

Distributed volume

In a distributed volume, data is stored at the level of entire files. One set will be completely in one specific brick. However, one brick can contain multiple files.

GlusterFS - Distributed Bound

Replicated volume

One file as a whole replicates to multiple bricks. Although the bricks can be on one server; for greater security, nevertheless, it is advisable to replicate the file to bricks on different servers.

GlusterFS - Replicated Bound

Dispersed volume

The file is not stored as a whole, but in parts, which are divided into all the bricks that are part of the bundle. When reading the file, the load is evenly distributed among all bricks.

GlusterFS – Scattered Bound
We use GlusterFS technology in external Storages

We use GlusterFS technology in external Storages

By combining modern hardware from our data centers and GlusterFS technology, we create a highly available and powerful external data storage. Thanks to years of experience, we can also advise on the installation and configuration of GlusteruFS.

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