Data Storage

Store and back up your data securely and efficiently

Store your information securely on storage customised to your specific data retention purpose and volumes. Archive files for decades and restore them as needed.

Why rent data storage?

More efficient backups

Separating backups from the operating environment ensures safe and fast recovery and minimises losses.

High security for data

The data space in our data centres is constantly monitored, and access to it is only possible from a few IP addresses.

More space on an operational server

Offloading data from active servers to external storage saves space on the servers’ hard disks.

Compliance with the law

Accounting records, tax documents, or even insurance records are required by law to be kept for ten years.

Use of data storage

Operational data

Storage designed for offloading operational data that must be accessed regularly requires reliable performance and high availability. For example, GlusterFS technology that enables automatic replication can be used in this case. For larger projects, disk arrays or object-based vSAN storage are suitable.


Conventional backups do not have the same high availability requirements as operational data storage. However, the performance of your backup system affects the data recovery speed. Therefore, capacity is also vital. Backup servers, higher performance storage servers, software-defined Ceph storage, and highly available and powerful vSAN storage are all suitable for storing large data volumes.


Maintaining consistency and threat resilience when storing and archiving data for the long term is important. So-called data durability is ensured, for example, by Ceph storage. However, you can also use traditional hardware storage variants in the form of storage servers or disk arrays.

What storage to choose?

The features of the different storage system options vary depending on the type of hardware, the drives used, and the way they are connected. However, even hardware storage can be universally available. The number of disks, RAID type, or data encryption is always set according to the individual project’s needs. Therefore, consult a sales representative to find the perfect design for your solution.

What we can help you with


Selecting the right storage


Software implementation and configuration


System deployment


Data storage setup and optimisation


Storage maintenance and monitoring

Customised Backup Systems

For long-term high-performance solutions that are not quickly outgrown, renting a disk array is the ideal choice. However, a more affordable alternative backup system in the form of a dedicated storage server can also be entirely sufficient.

Storage server

A dedicated storage server can be built, for example, on a Dell EMC PowerEdge server configuration with NFS or iSCSI access.

  • The whole server is just for you
  • 99.95% availability
  • Favourable price/performance ratio
  • Possibility of managed variant
  • Not suitable for operational data

Disk Array and SAN

Disk array connected via a dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN), data exchange is provided by e.g. FC, Ethernet, or FCoE.

  • The whole disk array (or a part of it) just for you
  • 99.99% availability
  • Low latency, high bandwidth
  • High throughput (IOPS)
  • Quick access to data (including operating information)
  • Suitable for variable requirements on storage capacity
  • A second geographically separated location
  • Possibility of managed variant
  • Higher costs

Did you know that ...

While traditional storage requires dedicated hardware, software-defined storage separates the storage software from the hardware, thus providing greater flexibility and scalability?

Not sure how to store your data?

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