VMware Backup

An easy backup and cloud data recovery

Backup the virtual data into our cloud. The backups are thus separated from the productive environment; hence you might use more security options.

Why to backup into cloud and use a secondary location

An easy implementation

If you are a Veeam Backup & Replication user for backup to the MasterDC cloud, just set up another backup site.

High level of security

Access to the storage will be secure and may be restricted to specific IP addresses.

Extensibility of disaster recovery

Thanks to cloud backup, you will get the opportunity to set up a backup infrastructure for your solution and thus insure yourself against outages.

Administrators have plenty of experience with the VMware backup.

Backup into cloud is here for you if:

  • you have your own virtual environment and you are looking for practical backup methods
  • you look for a second location for your backups
  • you need to back up outside of a production environment
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Snapshot backup for the cloud hosting customers

The snapshot method of backup is to create current copies of the data at a specific time. The biggest advantage of this type of backup is its speed and reliability. Thanks to it, you will be able to recover your data shorten from hours to minutes. In addition, snapshots do not change the data between the beginning and the end of the backup process. To create snapshots can be used:

The software which offers self-service recovery of the entire server in the environment Veeam Enterprise Manager. Setup and administration are our responsibility.

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Data backup as well as functional infrastructure

Data backup as well as functional infrastructure

Backup to our cloud also offers the possibility of renting a complete backup infrastructure. If the primary site fails, you won’t have to wait for data to be restored from a backup, thus increasing your business continuity. We will take care of the design of the secondary infrastructure, its implementation and testing of functionality.

I want to backup into cloud