VMware Backup

An easy backup and cloud data recovery

Backup the virtual data into our cloud. The backups are thus separated from the productive environment; hence you might use more security options.

Why to backup into cloud and use a secondary location

Administrators have plenty of experience with the VMware backup.

Backup into cloud is here for you if:

  • you have your own virtual environment and you are looking for practical backup methods
  • you look for a second location for your backups
  • you need to back up outside of a production environment
Data backup as well as functional infrastructure

Data backup as well as functional infrastructure

Backup to our cloud also offers the possibility of renting a complete backup infrastructure. If the primary site fails, you won’t have to wait for data to be restored from a backup, thus increasing your business continuity. We will take care of the design of the secondary infrastructure, its implementation and testing of functionality.

I want to backup into cloud