Disaster Recovery

Rapid infrastructure recovery after a fatal failure

Whether it is floods, fires, or human error, a Disaster Recovery plan allows you to prepare for the necessary recovery of your entire IT infrastructure.

Why to have a plan for restoring your IT?

Infrastructure backup

As a part of the disaster recovery service, we duplicate the disk array and all computing capacity to the second location.

Recovery after a fatal failure

Your solution can run even in extreme cases and natural disasters in the immediate location due to the two different backup locations.

Timeliness of replicated data

For the most efficient disaster recovery plan, we optimise the frequency of replicated data with respect to their size.

Tested functionality

In cooperation with the customer, we perform disaster recovery tests before deploying sharp production so that everything goes smoothly in the event of a failure.

What we will take care of


We will consider the strategy of the company’s IT, the frequency of data replication and determine the applications that should be renewed as a matter of priority during a possible recovery.


We will develop an ideal solution in the form of a cluster or replica. We will also recommend a suitable method of virtualisation.


We will transfer the infrastructure from another provider and run the proposed solution in our data centres or directly on-site.


However, we can also take care of the solution in the long run. For example, you can hire one of our professionals for impact interventions through the IT Outsourcing service.

Some of the members of our senior administrator team

Why is a replica or a backup not enough?

Typically, only data replication and application layer protection are part of a contingency plan. However, this is not enough in the case of natural disasters or fatal data centre failures. Nonetheless, disaster recovery is not just about data protection. It involves the processes of gradually starting servers, running scripts, or assigning IP addresses. We can also provide these processes to customers thanks to our separate data centres in two locations in Prague and Brno.

The technical structure of disaster recovery

  • We replicate production data from virtual servers at regular intervals to the backup site.
  • Owing to Veeam Backup and Replication, the replication process takes place automatically and is monitored.
  • Hence you are allowed to return not only to the last replica, but also to an older one (if any).
  • The number of replicas stored and the replication interval is entirely up to you.

Do you want a backup infrastructure?

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