Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery is often compared to insurance. Perhaps you will never use it, but it is good to have it.

Disaster Recovery, also DR for short, is a strategy for ensuring the recovery of IT services after natural disasters and catastrophes. In other words, it is a scenario prepared in advance, which leads to the fastest possible restoration of the entire infrastructure. Most companies today are totally dependent on a functioning infrastructure. Employees need access to company data, while generating new data during their working hours. Although IT might not be your gainful activity, you need a functioning infrastructure to ensure the operation of your company. We offer the opportunity to develop and implement a Disaster Recovery plan for all types of hosting services as well as for the internal infrastructure.

Possible Scenario

Damaged hardware or software error are the most common consequences of unexpected disasters. Whether it is a flood, fire, earthquake and other natural disasters, or human failure. The Disaster Recovery Plan allows you to prepare for the recovery of the entire infrastructure necessary after such an accident. It is a plan that you do not want to use, but you should have it. Due to a precise process it significantly shortens the recovery time.

Ask Yourselves

How would your company be affected by dysfunctional IT infrastructure?
How many minutes / hours / days can your business function without IT?
How many minutes / hours / days of data can you afford to lose?

How Will Master Internet Help?

1. We meet

We will meet and get acquainted with your current IT services solution. Before that, you should realize which specific applications are critical to the operation of your company.

2. We suggest

We will suggest a new solution, be it in the form of a cluster or replication, or we might recommend virtualization, if appropriate, and the like.

3. We help with migration and put into operation

If you switch to us from a different provider, we will help you with migration. We will run the suggested solution in our data centers.

4. Congratulations, you are ready

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