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Hyper-V Hypervisor

The technology is used in order to create VPS with Windows

Hyper-V is a hypervisor that virtualises host servers at the HW level. This is full virtualisation. It is possible to virtualise servers both with Linux and Windows OS

Advantages of Hyper-V Virtualisation

Live migration

VPS with Hyper-V can be moved from one server to another without service outage. You can also migrate the storage of a running VPS to another virtual storage.

Easy to deploy and update

With Hyper-V, creating new virtual machines is a matter of minutes. The Windows Server operating system can also be easily updated via Windows Update.


Microsoft Hyper-V uses so-called shields, which together with BitLocker technology, are to protect virtual machines from theft and misuse of corporate data from the server.

VPS & Hyper-V virtualisation offer

VPS & Hyper-V virtualisation offer

We use Hyper-V technology to create VPSs with the Windows operating system. Together with the consistent isolation of the virtual machine, it is a secure solution for various company software that is only supported on the Windows operating system, such as the Pohoda accounting program.

Supported functions of virtualisation technologies

  Full Virtualisation OS Virtualisation
Platforms KVM, Hyper-V, and VMware LXC
Embedded Virtualisation?Embedded Virtualisation facilitates virtualising VPS and thus enables to create other virtual machines inside of it.
Containerization (Docker)
Kernel Module ?Kernel Module requires some of the more advanced applications and services such as DRBD (Distributed Replicated Storage System, which uses linux platform core).
Kernel Versions   Private   Shared

Hyper-V Virtualisation architecture

Hyper-V specialists who administer the VPS.

Leave the administration of VPS & Hyper-V to professionals

Hyper-V is one of the technologies that our specialised administrators control perfectly. They know how to handles routine operations, regular updates or custom backups. They will help you with the complete management of VPS hosting on the Hyper-V platform so that your only concern is your own business. 

  • system set-up and maintenance conducted by certificated administrators
  • 24/7 pro-active monitoring and VPS server control
  • an immediate dealing with urgent issues, no later than one hour
  • regular updates, security patches and data backup