VMware vSAN

A scalable solution for hyperconverged infrastructure

Storage virtualisation software, VMware vSAN, networks virtual storage. Therefore, it delivers much lower latency than disk arrays and does not need specialised hardware.

VMware vSAN features

Isolation of problems

Faults occurring in one virtual storage node do not disrupt the operation of the rest, not even during a node replacement.

Independent configuration

For individual environments or objects, you can independently configure the level of performance required based on the desired IOPS.

Intelligent replication

vSAN technology enables data replication across physical disks, nodes, or entire clusters, creating redundant data.

Easy scaling

Virtual storage can scale much more flexibly than physical storage, making the infrastructure easily scalable.


Containerisation and microservices-based software architecture is a trend that vSAN is moving towards.

vSAN file service

Conventional NFS usually means SPOF, but VMware vSAN has its own file system, guaranteeing high availability.

Cost savings

A solution built on vSAN can efficiently run on standard servers, significantly saving infrastructure costs.

What can VMware vSAN help with?

Did you know that ...

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), like the cloud, is based on virtualisation? However, in contrast, it actually incorporates computing power, storage, or some network elements into a single system, allowing for easy scaling and convenient maintenance. VMware vSAN is one of the technologies used for HCI architecture.

Why get vSAN from us?

As a Dell partner, we source specialised hardware suitable for hyperconverged infrastructure that works well with VMware’s cutting-edge software. In addition, our experienced team of cloud architects design vSAN solutions from scratch to ensure everything works as expected.

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