Private Cloud

Experience the performance of your own cloud

Are the performance and capabilities of the public cloud no longer enough for you? Have a custom cloud built in your own or in our data centre.

Why do you need a private cloud?


Many regulations apply to the storage of data on one’s own infrastructure. Some processes are ISO sensitive, others need to comply with specific certification laws.

Customised infrastructure

The guarantee of an unshared infrastructure is essential for your type of business. You also need to make sure that all funds are reserved for you only.

Critical applications

You operate systems whose failure would damage the operation of the entire company or negatively affect business operations.


In some cases, it is more economical to design your own infrastructure due to the software licences you have already purchased or have been operating for a long time.

Choose of the two platforms

VMware vSphere

We have built our cloud and a number of private clusters on the VMware platform, which is why we recommend it to our enterprise customers.

  • The hypervisor provides high availability.
  • It is a leading platform for NSX network virtualisation (speeds up digital transformation).
  • The vSphere environment for administration offers advanced functionalities.
  • Can be implemented with vSAN storage for flexible growth and low latency.
  • The possibility of connecting to a public MasterDC cloud (a hybrid infrastructure).

Hyper-V Hypervisor

Suitable for infrastructure running on Microsoft technologies. Thanks to our membership in the SPLA program, we will take care of licences.

  • Lower expenses for the customers primarily utilising Microsoft technologies.
  • Possible Azure Stack integration in order to form a hybrid environment.
  • Management tools are integrated directly in Windows via the Hyper-V Manager.
  • Perfect for steady, sustainable growing solutions.
  • We strongly recommend it for the web apps with higher requirements on security.

“When it comes to testing and deploying new things, the move to a private cloud has taken us to the next level. And maybe more than one. ”

Jan Šimecký

CTO Neogenia

Comparison of cloud varieties

We are Proxmox's partner

We also build cluster solutions and private clouds on the virtualisation Proxmox VE platform. With Proxmox  we have been cooperating and running on this technology a service of virtual servers VPS for long. A certified partnership only confirms the know-how of our administrators.

How the cooperation works


You show us your IT and describe, what exactly it is you want to change.


We will design the new infrastructure so that it suits you as much as possible.


Having approved the solution, we will then compile everything for you and optimise the operation.


Finally, you will be given an access to the infrastructure.

For you own cloud will suit

Disk Array Rental

The disk array speeds up reading and writing data and simplifies the infrastructure. You can resize it as you like and replicate efficiently.

Disaster Recovery

Replication of the entire system to the second site will provide immediate recovery from backup in case of a primary data centre failure.

Do you want to know more about the private cloud?

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