vSAN cluster

Infrastructure with flexible growth options

A private cluster solution running on the VMware platform with vSAN storage provides users flexible options with high-performance requirements, low latency, and complete data control.

Four reasons for a private vSAN cluster

Savings on hardware

You only need a few x86 servers and network elements to run a vSAN cluster. There is no need for specialised hardware purchases or even data storage. Storage is only created at the software level.

System flexibility

A vSAN cluster is fully adaptable. In addition, the system can be equipped with conventional rotating or fast NVMe drives to meet high-performance requirements. We will also set the fault tolerance according to your needs.

Easy scaling

Simply purchase a new server and plug it into the cluster to improve performance and storage capacity. The connection of the new server does not even involve a complicated setup. Instead, the software takes care of the quick configuration.

Secured data

Having your own infrastructure removes all the risks of the public cloud. In addition, local data processing helps to meet legal requirements.

What does the MasterDC vSAN cluster include?


Infrastructure consultation

This includes determining the performance requirements, storage size, RAID type, and the necessary fault tolerance (availability), which will determine the number of nodes in the cluster. In addition, anticipated growth in the future must also be considered.


Cluster design

Based on the project’s individual needs, we will design the architecture and prepare a proposal, including the price for the necessary hardware.


Solution implementation

After signing the contract, we will proceed with the final solution, configuration, and commissioning. This usually takes one to two weeks, depending on the size of the cluster.


Management of the cluster

Once the cluster is up and running, we will ensure continuous monitoring, failover, and ongoing performance optimisation. In addition, we are always available in case the solution’s configuration needs to be adjusted.

Did you know that ...

vSAN-based clusters also support container-based applications? For example, containerised applications require much less computing power to run than virtual servers because they share an operating system kernel with the host. Therefore, they can also be moved and deployed quickly in different environments.

A vSAN cluster as a path to HCI

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a fully software-defined infrastructure. This means it integrates the storage, computing power, and networking layers into a single system, allowing them to be centrally managed. In addition, all this can be run on a standard server, significantly reducing hardware costs.

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