Managed AWS

Have your clouds managed by professionals

Cloud management might be an issue even for the most experienced administrators which is why we offer to facilitate the management and configuration of various AWS services.

What can professional AWS service help with

From the scratch to final

We design a suitable architecture and arrange the migration and traffic. Owing to the Infrastructure-as-a-Code access, you will get a customized solution.

Cost optimisation

Are you often unpleasantly surprised by the billing of cloud services? We might help you adapt the cloud infrastructure and operations in order for you to pay only for what you have to.

Know-how and security

We adhere to the framework; as a result, your cloud sill be fast, efficient and highly available. We have been managing servers for more than twenty years. And we like to share our experience.

Cloud Managed Services Price List

Bronze and Silver

Pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, 4 hours of support (Mon–Fri 8 am – 6 pm, responding within 2 hours)

from 308 €


Dozens of admin team’s working hours, 8 hours of support included in price, pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, guidance in growth and automation, trainings, 24/7 support with the guarantee of 1 hour response for production environment (Mon – Fri, 8 am – 6 pm for DEV with 2 hour response)

from 615 €


Hundreds of admin team’s working hours, dozens of hours of support (24/7 for anything, 30 minute response), pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, advanced solutions  with growth and/or automation and infrastructure harmonisation, trainings and others regarding the needs and requirements.

from 1 923 €

What is included in the setting?

  Bronze Silver  Gold  Platinum
An ordinary customer
A smaller e-shop and/or a greater web SaaS start-up with an existing MVP in the seed period A development company with the running sturdy app Bank corporate division working with confidential materials
Usual needs
Migration into cloud, try it Higher availability and automation Full automation and streamlining of the development team’s work Accerelation of development, team optimisation and DevOps methodology implementation, formidable security
Price for set-up 308 € 615 € 1 923 € Individually
Number of AWS accounts 1 1 2–3 4+
Active Directory Integration
PCI/DSS Standard
Private VPN
Hybrid cloud via Direct Connect
Best Practises Tranings 3 on-line hours 1 day hands-on on-site training As needed
Azure and Google Cloud

Azure and Google Cloud

We facilitate and manage hybrid solutions running on Azure platforms and Google Cloud as well. We focus on the cost optimisation, automation and security. We and our partners are specialists in complex and non-typical environments, but – above all – our support is available 24/7 and communicates in Czech language.

Are you interested in AWS Managed?

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