Managed AWS

Have your clouds managed by professionals

Cloud management might be an issue even for the most experienced administrators which is why we offer to facilitate the management and configuration of various AWS services.

What can professional AWS service help with

From the scratch to final

Navrhneme vhodnou architekturu a zajistíme migraci i provoz. Díky přístupu Infrastructure-as-a-Code dostanete řešení přesně na míru.

Cost optimisation

Umí vás účet za cloudové služby nepříjemně překvapit? Pomůžeme vám přizpůsobit cloudovou infrastrukturu a operace tak, abyste zbytečně neplatili více, než musíte.

Know-how and security

Ctíme princip least privilege; oprávnění a přístupy udržujeme v co nejmenším rozsahu, abychom zajistili vysokou bezpečnost. Postaráme se ale i to, aby byl váš cloud rychlý, výkonný a vždy dostupný.

Levels of Managed AWS


Pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, 4 hours of support (Mon–Fri 9 am – 5 pm, responding within 2 hours)

from 308 €


Dozens of admin team’s working hours, 8 hours of support included in price, pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, guidance in growth and automation, 24/7 support with the guarantee of 1 hour response for production environment (Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm for DEV with 2 hour response)

from 615 €


Hundreds of admin team’s working hours, dozens of hours of support (24/7 for anything, 30 minute response), pro-active monitoring, updates, consulting, advanced solutions  with growth and/or automation and infrastructure harmonisation, trainings and others regarding the needs and requirements.


What an AWS administration can look like

We have already implemented tier-compliant solutions for our customers. Now, see what Managed AWS looks like in practice and what it can do for you.


You will especially appreciate it if you are about to reach customers in the USA and need a fast, low-latency website.

  • Your solution is in the MasterDC Cloud in managed variant
  • We will build you a similar one in Ohio at AWS on three EC2 virtual instances
  • We will connect the site via VPN to the current solution in our data centres
  • The usage of S3 storage ensures an excellent loading speed of websites, images, and backups
  • Together, we will set up monitoring of  all servers, services, and your website


Some applications ingestData IngestionData ingestion is the loading of data from one or more sources to a target locationvíce substantial amounts of graphical data. However, processing them in AWS can get expensive; thus, costs can be optimised.

  • Data can be processed on servers with graphics cards clustered in MasterDC
  • AWS Direct Connect transfers the data to AWS, where the application’s front end runs in Amazon EKS
  • With a good setup, you can save up to ten per cent in infrastructure costs


An ideal solution for established mobile applications built on microservices, which operate in a global market and use solutions from a number of variously reliable VPS providers.

  • Demand high availability, low latency, but also at a reasonable price
  • Use of AWS services ranging from Aurora, Dynamo DB, and SNS, to CloudFront, Route53, ALB, and S3, including Glacier, to Amazon EKS for the java application itself
  • The robust solution operates in five regions (Frankfurt, Northern Virginia, California, Hong Kong, and Mumbai) and ensures global coverage
  • The infrastructure-as-a-code environment enables deployment to a new region within two days

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