Server Administration

Experienced sysadmin team 24/7

We will help you with a complete server administration so that you will only be managing your own business. We have been setting up the servers for customers each and every day for almost 20 years; we optimise, update, monitor, backup and protect from security threats.

Administration in a nutshell or How does it work?

Professional Administration

Certified administrators will take care of the server administration. Root access to the server and administrator passwords remain in their hands.

SW Installment

To install a new program, simply contact technical support.


The gist of the service is 24/7 pro-active monitoring and supervision.

Intervention Guaranteed

We solve critical problems immediately, within an hour at the latest.

Two Administration Options

We provide administration in 2 levels – Lite and Enterprise.


We manage Linux and Windows operating systems.

Control Panel in Price

In Lite mode, you gain access to the ISPmanager control panel. This will allow you to autonomously add domains, set up spam filtering, and more.

Comparison of administration modes

  No Administration Managed Lite Managed Enterprise
Administrator’s interventions For an extra charge For an extra charge 3 hours
Duration of administration Individually Within working hours 24/7
Monitoring For an extra charge
System updates
Backup patches
Anti-DDoS protection For an extra charge For an extra charge
Backup included in price 25 GB 100 GB
Software options None Restricted* Unlimited
Operation system Linux Linux Linux, Windows
Control Panel For an extra charge ISPmanager For an extra charge

* In terms of Lite adminnistration type, we provide the most common services and apps which include webserver (Nginx, Apache, PHP as a module / FastCGI / FPM), databases (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL) and mailserver (Exim, Dovecot). Potential other intervention types might be implemented individually.

Who do we take care of servers for?

Are you interested in server administration

    When the administration only is not enough

    IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

    Extended scalability and agile response to current situations will ensure the smooth development of your business

    IT Modernisation

    Draw on the know-how of experienced IT experts at a fraction of the cost

    Clustering and Load Balancing

    A logically built infrastructure will help you get the most out of your servers and minimize downtime