Prague Data Centre

The Right Place for Your Data

In Prague, Kodanska Street, 850 square metres of highly secured space is provided for Prague Data Centre. 

Steady Power Supply

The data centre is powered by two independent branches of alternating current with the 1.250 kVA transformer. The emergency backup is ensured by an automatic re-connection to Brodcrown diesel generator.

Hybrid Cooling

In Prague halls, Stulz Air-Conditioning, Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling, Raised Floor system, and Cold/Hot aisles are used. All technologies prevent the cold air from potential fusion with the hot air.

Rack Units

The Rittal Rack Unit up to 47 U and/or smaller are available for rent in the data centre. There is also a space for housing tower. UTP power cabels are provided with the technology.
Technology in MasterDC Prague.

Prague Data Centre equipment

  • Connection capacity: Nx 10 GbE
  • Direct connect to other DCs: CeColo; THP; MasterDC Brno.
  • Electric power backup: a motorgenerator, UPS
  • Capacity of the provided ports: 1, 10, 25, 40, and 100 GbE
  • Air-Conditioning: Stulz, power backup N+1
  • Access Security: EZS, personnel authorisation, 24/7 support, and physical security
  • Space Monitoring: digital video recorder

Did you know that ...

we have a separated customer room in the data centre so that you can easily connect to the Wi-Fi and/or wire connection? You can temporarily use it to conduct interventions in the servers located in the data centre.

Our support will help you with the implementation of your technology.

Transport of Technologies into MasterDC in Prague

Prague Data Centre is located in Kodanska street 46, 101 00 Prague 10 close to main roads. You get to the building itself from Kavkazska street; right next to the data centre there are parking places reserved just for you (No. 6 to 10). Contact the Customer Service afterwards (+420 515 919 805). In order to transport the technologies, a loading ramp, a pallet truck and a forklift are available. Use local KVM consoles for an onsite work with technologies. The support team member or a technician will help you with the technology installment.

Power Supply Specification of the DC in Prague

  Branch A Branch B
Transformer 1.250 kVA 1.250 kVA
Diesel generator 2x 700 kVA load sharing 1x 1.650 kVA
UPS Online N+1 UPS nest, 3x 200 kVA 1x Online modular, scalable 500 kVA