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Icinga Monitoring

IT Infrastructure under scrutiny

The Icinga monitoring program is an open source software and was created as an alternative version of the Nagios project and allows you to monitor a wide range of operational aspects. 

How does Icinga work?

There are hundreds of plugins for Icing that monitor various network, software and hardware aspects of servers. As for the API interface, additional monitoring functions can be added as required. Icing’s options are almost limitless, from the temperature of the hardware, through the use of system resources such as CPU or disk space, to the response of the server or the validity of various certificates and protocols.

What exactly can be monitored?

  • CPU and RAM load
  • POP protocol
  • SMTP protocol
  • IMAP protocol
  • Free space on the disk
  • MySQL databases
  • SSH protocol
  • HTTPS protocol
  • Server response
  • ISPmanager

Icinga Architecture

The basis of Icinga is the Icinga Core module, to which any plugins with a given monitoring task can be added, while plugins for Nagios also work for Icinga. The core of the monitoring solution then generates the set reports, for example regarding the availability, status of logs or utilization of system resources.

Notifications as needed

We set monitoring notifications for our customer as required. Whether you want to be informed about every little thing or just about really important issues, you will receive automatic notifications. These are sent, as agreed beforehand, to e-mail, app Slack or Mattermost or via SMS message. You will gain information about possible errors and their correction. Upon request, we send more detailed reports and analyses.