Bot Manager

Have the internet bots under control

Did you know that up to 26 % of internet traffic is produced by so-called bad bots? They try to get to payment details, gain information about users, generate spams and distort analyses. Radware Bot Manager will get rid of them for you.

An easy implementation

Bot Manager is implemented in a few minutes. As for the Radware API access, it is not necessary to use DNS re-direction and implementation into your apps is thus smooth.

Several options of protection

The tools allow you to choose the way you’d like to handle bots. Therefore you can deal with specific issues your business might be facing.

Reporting and analytics

The ability to monitor and evaluate the traffic on your web will teach you to recognise bot behaviours and hence to defend against them better.

Image of a server with Radware protection

Who and what is at stake?

  • Web apps are the most frequent target, all sectors included.
  • Mobile devices are used daily by all of us, and we upload in them large quantities of personal data.
  • IoT deivce use”machine-to-machine” communication which is easy to attack.
  • API simplifies communication between various architectures of individual apps, their protection is, however, often insufficient.
  • Sensitive personal data such as payment details and/or key business software – robots can get to them via API since they are almost indistinguishable from actual users.

How will Radware Bot Manager help you?

Precise detection

An in-depth behavioural analysis provides traffic filtering and advanced bad bot detection.

Advanced API protection

Machine-to-machine communication is under control as well, a factor often neglected. API vulnerability is thus significantly decreased.

No false positivity

The pitfall of similar tools is that they mistakenly evaluate an actual user as one of the bots.

Complete app protection

Except for the bot management, it also involves a partial API protection and/or an instrument for extenuation of DDoS attacks.

How does bad bot detection work?

To recognise an internet bot is not easy. 79 % of companies do not have a clue how to deal with harmful bot activity. Bot Manager will help you. Look how it might protect you from the threats.

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