Kubernetes Cluster

Efficient Development With Automatic Processes

A Kubernetes Cluster enables easy scaling and failover rolling updates when deploying new versions. We ensure everything for the smooth development of containerised applications.

Kubernetes Cluster by MasterDC

Complete design & implementation

We handle the complete design of your Kubernetes Cluster architecture, including determining the number of nodes, load balancers, database selection, and subsequent infrastructure configuration.

Operation, updates, and management

After implementation, we provide maintenance of the hardware, individual cluster components, and the entire system, allowing you to focus entirely on development.

High service continuity

Containerised applications run on Kubernetes across N nodes. Replicas are automatically launched during recovery, and cluster monitoring ensures high availability.

Efficient software development

You can seamlessly scale your applications in real-time. Automating processes also simplifies your developers’ tasks and optimises resource utilisation.

Kubernetes Cluster architecture

We will set up the Kubernetes architecture in the form of a private cluster, either within the security of one of our data centres or directly on-premises; enterprise-grade hardware included. We will also ensure high availability at all levels. Let’s take a look at the Kubernetes architecture components:

  • Controller/Master – the master server, which is separate from other user containers, makes critical decisions about the placement of new replicas, the detection of individual events, and the response to them.
  • Node/worker – these components, known as nodes, run on all hosts in the cluster and are used primarily to run user containers.
  • Etcd – critical component, Etcd serves as a key consistent storage systemthat is used to store the overall state of the cluster.
  • Load balancer – this is the only  component with the IP address under which the cluster is accessible on the Internet. Therefore, it operates ahead of the Kubernetes cluster.

Did you know that ...

Kubernetes is platform-independent? As a result, we can deploy it in the cloud, on physical servers, or hybrid infrastructures. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also choose between Proxmox VE, VMware, or Hyper-V virtualisation.

What does Kubernetes bring?

Open-source software for orchestrating application containers enhances application stability and simplifies their management, and Kubernetes is one of the most widely used orchestrators.

Process automation

By automating routine operations, Kubernetes simplifies containerised application deployment, scaling, and overall management.

Efficient resource utilisation

The control layer ensures optimal health and proper workload distribution across all nodes in the cluster. This reduces the risk of resource overloading and ensures that replicas start automatically when recovery is needed.

Comprehensive management

Thanks to its open-source nature, Kubernetes offers a wide range of features and can be customised to meet specific needs. It also establishes a resilient application infrastructure that can be easily managed and scaled.

Downtime-free updates

In Kubernetes, updates are performed in a controlled and incremental manner, affecting only a portion of instances at any given time. This guarantees that rolling updates or rollbacks to previous versions have minimal user impact.

Kubernetes with Ceph Storage

Kubernetes with Ceph Storage

Ceph storage distributes data across nodes to maintain consistency and protect it from corruption. We can connect it to your Kubernetes cluster as scalable persistent storage. Unlike global providers, we do not charge per-request fees, ensuring transparent cost structures.

Business Manager is designing customised solution.

Why choose us?

Your data security – our priority

We have been focusing on server security and protection for a long time, which is why our CSIRT team came into existence so that the information might be shared easily and, thus, attacks are prevented ASAP.

Three decades of experience

We launched at the time when Amazon was selling music, Google was registering its first domains, and the word Facebook was non-existent. Therefore, our extensive experience allows us to provide valuable insights and expertise to our clients and partners daily.

Two data centres for enhanced reliability

Two is better than one, and you will particularly appreciate that our data centres are located in both Prague and Brno when in need of a secondary location backup and/or when you are looking for another location for geocluster deployment.

Certified hardware only

Our services have been built on DELL-certified technologies. In addition, being the very first CSP partner in Czechia, we have access to hardware at a better price, which is also reflected in our services.

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