Kubernetes Cluster

Make the development more efficient thanks to automatic processes

Kubernetes Clusters enable a simple development of containerization applications, their easy scaling and also uniterrupted rolling update when new versions are being planted.

Four reasons why to go for Kubernetes Cluster

Operating Across Nodes

A key feature of Kubernetes is the ability to schedule the operation of containerized applications across a group of several nodes.

Optimal Cluster State

Kubernetes API indicates the required state of the cluster, ie. all the configuration details needed to run the applications, their replicas, and the resources they use.

Running Applications Check

The control node monitors the status of clusters, checks running applications and ensures the operation of all necessary images.

Automatic Replications Optimisation

If one of the replicas fails, another replica of the application is automatically put into operation so that the cluster is always in optimal condition.

Require Kubernetes Cluster in case


you want to automatise processes and monitoring;


you are looking for a solution which will make resources uptake more efficient;


the continuity of services and high availability are important to you;


you want to simplify the work for the developers who administer a great number of containers;


you use Decker which now ceases to be sufficient to your needs.

Did you know that ...

Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open source software that acts as a container orchestrator. It allows them to be grouped into logical units, making their management more efficient. It is the most commonly used orchestrator for containers created in Docker.

Business Manager Petr Štěpánek having a meeting.

Why to go for it with us?

Your data security – our priroty

For long have we been focusing on the server security and protection. Which is why the CSIRT team came into existence, so that the information might be shared easily and thus the attacks prevented asap.

We have been gaining experience for almost thirty years

We commenced in the times of Amazon selling music, Google registering its first domains and non-existent Facebook. Since then we have gained a wide scale of experiences which are a daily bread both for our customers and partners.

We have two data centres of our own

Two is more than one. And you will particularly appreciate that we the data centres are placed both in Prague and Brno when in need of a secondary location backup and/or when looking for another location of geocluster deployment.

DELL has chosen us to cooperate with

Our services have been built on DELL certified technologies. Being the very first CSP partner in the CR, we have an access to hardware for a better price, which is reflected in our services as well.

What might your Kubernetes Cluster look like?

We will set up a private cluster for you in the safety of one of our data centers or directly at your place, on proven hardware. We will also ensure high availability at all its levels.

  • Controller/Master – the master server, which is separate from other user containers, makes key decisions about the location of new replicas, the detection of individual events, and the response to them.
  • Node/worker – components called nodes run on all nodes in the cluster and are used primarily to run user containers.
  • Etcd – critical component, this is a key consistent storage that is used to store the overall state of the cluster.
  • Load balancer – it is the only one with the IP address under which the cluster is listed on the Internet, which is why it runs before the Kubernetes cluster.

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