Managed Windows Cluster

High Availability For Your Windows Server

The Hyper-V cluster architecture enhances the stability of services running on a Windows Server operating system. By incorporating redundancy and backup nodes, hardware failures can be seamlessly managed with minimal downtime.

Why use Hyper-V cluster architecture for a Windows Server?

Automatic failover

When the primary server fails, traffic is automatically redirected to the secondary node, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the entire solution.

High availability

Depending on your needs, a Hyper-V cluster can run with all nodes active or in active/passive mode, which allows you to distribute the workload or ensure failover as required.

Software-defined storage

Shared storage can be virtualised, eliminating additional investment in specialised hardware.

Cluster management

We will design, implement, and maintain your Windows cluster to meet your requirements. We can also manage all updates and patches.

What can a Windows Cluster look like?

We will provide you with a customised Windows cluster solution tailored to the needs of your specific project. Whether you prefer a private Hyper-V cluster in one of our secure data centres or on-premises, we have you covered. We ensure high availability at all levels and provide reliable enterprise hardware.

Here is an overview of the components typically found in a Windows cluster:

  • Primary Node – The main Hyper-V server handles critical decision-making tasks, such as determining the placement of new replicas and detecting and responding to individual events.
  • Secondary Node – This part is prepared to take over the workload in the event of an unexpected shutdown of the primary node, ensuring the continuity of operations.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) – VMs are virtual service instances that seamlessly move to the secondary node using failover technology, allowing uninterrupted traffic and data flow.
  • Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) – S2D is a software-defined storage tool that enables the utilisation of shared storage on local disks within the server. This optimises hardware costs while providing an efficient storage solution.
  • Active Directory – Access to servers is managed via Active Directory, which we run in high availability on our MasterDC cloud platform, guaranteeing secure and reliable server access.

A group of interconnected servers within a Windows Server Failover Cluster ensures high availability of applications and services. We deploy this cluster as the foundation for various applications, including an SQL Server. In the event of an error or failure of any node, automatic failover takes place, allowing the SQL service to continue running seamlessly with minimal downtime.

Why choose us?

Your Data Security – Our Priority

We have been focusing on server security and protection for a long time, which is why the CSIRTCSIRTCSIRT refers to a team that handles security incidents on a computer network.více team came into existence so that the information might be shared easily and, thus, attacks are prevented ASAP.

Three Decades of Experience

We launched at the time when Amazon was selling music, Google was registering its first domains, and when the word Facebook was non-existent. Therefore, our extensive experience allows us to provide valuable insights and expertise to our clients and partners on a daily basis.

Two Data Centres for Enhanced Reliability

Two is more than one, and you will particularly appreciate that the data centres are placed in both Prague and Brno when in need of a secondary location backup and/or when you are looking for another location for geoclusterGeo-ClusterIn a geo-cluster, data is stored on two or more nodes in geographically separated locations.více deployment.

Certified Hardware Only

Our services have been built on DELL-certified technologies. Being the very first CSP partner in Czechia, we have access to hardware for a better price, which is also reflected in our services.

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