Private Cloud

Possibilities you never even dreamed of in the public cloud

We will be your partner in building your private cloud. Place your technologies with us and get the license to run a cloud or let us build your cloud from scratch. Even in your own datacenter. The assurance of a professional data center in two localities and satisfied customers of the cloud hosting speak for themselves.

Ideal customized solution

We always design the private cloud according to the special needs of each customer. Usually for medium and larger companies. We choose time-proven components from Dell EMC, but certain parts are always being customized to the needs of the client.

Cloud Experts

MasterDC team consists of certified experts in platform maintenance. We have more than 10 years of experience in operating our own public cluster. We will be more than happy to share our knowledge.

Two own data centers

We operate private clouds from Prague and Brno or from clients’ data center. We recommend more locations for better access and sophisticated Disaster Recovery, for which we can even rent a part of our public cloud.

Whom is the service intended for?

We recommend a private cloud to all customers, who outgrew the parameters of shared infrastructure. Usually, either because of performance or their applications require enhanced management. Very often it is also the only possibility as a virtualized solution for customers that have very strict security requirements, where it is necessary that the data don’t leave the company due to internal regulations. The private cloud can be operated not only from MasterDC data centers but also from company datacenter.

Private cloud is great for:

Building a private cloud

After the first analysis and suggestion of the design, we continue with implementation. Usually, there is a 2-months gap between signing the contract and launching the service. We manage the private cloud on a hardware level after the cloud has been handed to the client. That means, from Master Internet’s side, we ensure continuous operation and monitoring of hardware. If the client wishes, we can extend these services by monitoring on an application level (with the use of FlowMon APM).

As for the platform, we design private clouds with the help of time-proven and highly accessible platforms VMware or Hyper-V. We offer OpenStack as well, but it is necessary to ensure high accessibility on the application level.

Cloud from A to Z

Experts from Master Internet will provide complete networking, firewalls, connectivity, load balancing or protection against DDoS attacks. Private cloud customers often rent MasterDC disk arrays or take advantages of two MasterDC data enters. Clients can replicate into the secondary data center or they have the possibility of setting up complex Site Recovery service.

Satisfied customer

Switching to the private cloud has moved our testing and installing of the new features to the next level. Or maybe even further.

Jan Šimecký, CTO Neogenia

Supported platforms


We have many years of experience thanks to building our own public clusters. We can even recommend it to our enterprise customers with a clear conscience.

  • High accessibility ensured by the hypervisor
  • A leading platform for NSX network virtualization
  • vSphere environment for administration offers advanced features
  • Ideal for applications that require high performance, nonstop functioning or development
  • Possibility to integrate with the MasterDC public cloud


Recommended to customers whose infrastructure is being operated on Microsoft technologies. A suitable platform for enterprise clients. Don’t worry about licensing thanks to the SPLA program.

  • Lower total cost for customers who mostly use Microsoft technologies
  • Can be integrated with Azure Stack and you can create a hybrid environment
  • Ideal for stable and regularly growing solutions
  • Suitable for web applications that have higher safety standards


A radical open-source cloud platform in the Mirantis distribution. Ideal for development, operation, and testing of new applications.

  • High availability has to be set on the level of the application
  • Popular for its advanced API and wide possibilities of automatization
  • Enables easy scaling
  • Suitable for advanced administrators
  • Supports software-defined storage CEPH
  • Can be installed in MasterDC data centers or in client’s solution

Technical infrastructure

We choose time-proven components from Dell EMC to build private clouds. We have long experience with their products.

  • Dell EMC PowerEdge servers,13th and 14th generation
  • disk arrays Dell EMC SC series
  • converged switches Dell S-series
  • converged SAN FCoE 10ge

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