Microsoft Exchange

MailServer is a groupware solution providing a powerful communication tool with a wide range of options for teamwork and access to information. In addition to the standard mailserver function, the MailServer Exchange system can be used for time organization and planning using calendars, task recording and management, creating custom and global directories, and other activities.

Teamwork Capability

Mailserver Exchange also offers a tool for organizing teamwork, in addition to the basic functions of a mail server. It enables users to share different types of objects, from calendars to directories.

Secure Access

You do not have to worry about your data, its transmission between the server and the client station is secured trough encrypted communication.

User Interfaces

The system is equipped with multiple interfaces the native MS Outlook application, web interface and Outlook Mobile Access mobile application.

Access to Mailbox

  • Native MS Outlook client application designed for full local and remote access to the system without the need for a VPN connection. By synchronizing your data to a local database it supports work in both modes, online as well as offline.
  • Advanced Outlook Web Access web interface for on-line access. All communication between the server and the client station is encrypted.
  • Outlook Mobile Access interface for communication with the Windows Mobile operating system via mobile phones.

Apart from these interfaces, you can access the server through any client applications that support standard mail protocols - POP3, IMAP, SMTP.

Terminal Connection

  • Remote access through terminal connection is a separately licensed services
  • The license is included in the standard MS Windows Server 2008
  • After the user connects via Remote Desktop (RDP), a separate instance of client logging is started
  • Data and applications are processed directly by the server
  • Only the screen content is transferred between a remote computer and the server, together with impulses generated by the user trough input devices (keyboard, mouse)
  • If a connection between the RDP application and the terminal server fails and is subsequently re-established, the last current state of open applications and documents is displayed to the user

Antivirus/Antispam Solution

ForeFront for MS Exchange includes several methods of detection and revelation of spam, including a regularly updated database of signatures. In on-line mode, incoming and outgoing messages are continuously tested; in off-line mode, information stored in the server database is tested at regular intervals. Off-line detection is used to eliminate messages that have not been recognized during the on-line test. Self-update of the antispam/antivirus tool is fully automated.

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