New Green Savings Programme: Cloud

Cloud hosting is the ideal solution not only for companies and e-shops. It is also the right choice for a temporary subsidy program, which must be prepared to bear the initial brunt of thousands of applicants such as the New Green Savings Programme, a government agenda lead by the Ministry of the Enviroment.


According to the original plans, the key application of the New Green Savings Programme of the State Enviromental Fund should have been placed on a separate dedicated server of the client. However, such a server would not meet the requirements for high performance, availability, and easy scalability. The application for submitting applications in the time-limited programme must be able to serve up to ten thousand visitors at a time. And maybe even more if needed. "Our priority was essentially unlimited power that only a cloud could offer us," says Eduard Hlava from, who made and provided the application for the State Fund.

The subsidy program of the State Enviromental Fund, named New Green Savings Programme, is focused on insulation of family houses, replacement of windows, and more. Owners of family houses can receive subsidy of up to 55 % for the insulation of their family house. For new ecological resources they can get even 75% subsidy. The more ways of energy saving the applicant performs, the higher subsidy they receive. The applicants have a total amount of CZK 1.9 billion available from 1 April 2014 and the program will run until the whole amount is spent, but no later than 31 October of this year.


Master Internet administrators ensured commissioning of the virtual server in the cloud, and allowed to perform trial operation prior to starting collecting applications. They have been monitoring the full operation of the virtual server from the very beginning, modifying the configuration according to the actual situation. Thanks to the cloud the New Green Savings Programme withstood the primary brunt of subsidy applicants without difficulty, which is something that no dedicated server could guarantee.

"We chose Cloud hosting from Master Internet partly due to the widespread awareness about the quality of your data center services and available technical information on the offered solutions, but mainly also because of the exceptional access and speed in addressing our requirements." Eduard Hlava,, on behalf of the New Green Savings Programme application project

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