Intel report on 5G: video will eat most of data while AR and VR will evolve like never before

5g applications Intel tells you where to invest with 5G

Some believe that 5G applications will launch something of a fourth industrial revolution. We still do not know what scope it will have, but the truth is that 5G technology will revolutionize the consumption of content on the Internet and create new business opportunities for the multimedia industry.

This is what the report "5G Economics of Entertainment Report" made by Ovum and Intel points at. According to companies business expectations, between 2019 and 2028 media and entertainment will earn more than $ 1.3 billion thanks to new experiences enabled by 5G networks

The evolution of the network

According to the 5G Economics Entertainment Report, a 5G subscriber will increase its monthly traffic from 11.7 GB to 84.4 GB from 2018 to 2019. In this scenario, the trends in the network will account for 90 percent of the total traffic of 5G.

Due to the increase in speed, the consumption of 5G content will increase, especially in terms of mobile media, mobile advertising, television broadcast, and home band.

Along with the increase in entertainment content, the launch and expansion of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences will be added. In the field of VR, video games will exploit this technology as never before through immersive experiences that currently do not exist.

One minute of augmented reality will require 33 times more traffic than a minute of 480p video transmission.

Challenging 5G applications through a disruptive technology

While the entertainment sector will be one of the most benefited by the implementation of the 5G network, any company must adapt to the change that 5G will generate in all business areas.

Companies must begin to generate strategies to integrate 5G into their production chain to avoid lack of competitiveness. Those businesses with slow adaptation to 5G technology could even disappear by facing competitors more qualified to work with 5G applications.

In 2025, more than 55 percent of total 5G revenues will be $183 billion of $321 billion.

Practically, all the technology will be touched by the 5G. Digital innovations will experience a boom as rarely seen. Artificial intelligence will change our interaction with the world and business leadership will be based on the next generation wireless network.

In 2028, 5G will capture almost 80 percent of total Network revenues: $ 335 billion of $ 420 billion.

2025, the breakpoint for 5G

According to the estimations of Intel's report, in 2025 almost 60 percent of the companies income focused on online services will be generated through 5G networks.

All these will be possible thanks to the high speed of the 5G network that will allow actions such as live broadcasts and HD video downloads to be made in a blink of an eye due to the low latency of the network. In short, forget about the annoying interruptions of your favorite videos, video conferences, and online video games.

How 5G applications will power the future 

“I call 5G basically the fusion of all of the wireless technology, 5G will make the internet of things more effective, more efficient from a spectral efficiency standpoint. Each IOT device and network will use exactly and only what it needs and when it needs it, as opposed to just what’s available. We hope that over the next 10 to 20 years a hundred percent of the population will be connected, This is how people will get educated, this is how people will have access to information”.

Aicha Evans, Intel’s Corporate Vice President to IQ Intel

Video games will be the winners of the 5G network

Surprisingly, Intel's report points out that the big winners of the 5G applications will be video games despite the huge demand for HD videos. Intel's report says that the video games industry will lead 5G innovations.

Playing video games in the cloud will be a reality thanks to the servers based on the cloud and artificial intelligence. In 2028, 5G mobile games are expected to generate $100 billion in annual profits.

Nowadays, Intel is working on the creation of modems to support 5G in larger computers and network devices, while other companies such as Qualcomm and Nokia are already working on adapting smartphones to this technology.

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