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LXC Virtualisation

A less-challenging virtulisation with low provisioning costs

Technology LXC is so-called lightweight virtualisation, i.e. virtualisation at OS level. It creates so-called containers on which various Linux operating systems can run.

LXC Virtualisation Features

Lower provisioning costs

Unlike full virtualization, LXC has low overhead, so that it doesn't take as much of the physical server's hardware performance. As a result, VPS with LXC is much cheaper than virtual servers with full virtualization.

Various linux distributions

You run various distributions of Linux operating systems on the LXC. In Master we offer Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. This allows you to use all the packages and software that are associated with the distribution.

Isolated environment

The virtualised server using LXC has its own dedicated memory, CPU and RAM, and is thus isolated from VPS of other customers. A possible problem with one VPS will not affect other customers.

Limited options of LXC virtualisation

Possibilities of VPS virtualized using LXC technology  are limited. For example, you do not run Docker on such virtual servers; hence it is especially suitable for simple projects, such as websites, smaller e-shops or running simpler applications.

Offer of VPS with LXC virtualisation

Offer of VPS with LXC virtualisation

At MasterDC, we offer VPS with LXC virtualization that runs on high-end Foxconn and Dell servers. You can choose from a wide selection or configure the VPS parameters as you wish.

Supported functions of virtualisation technologies

  Full Virtualisation OS Virtualisation
Platforms KVM, Hyper-V, and VMware LXC
Embedded Virtualisation?Embedded Virtualisation facilitates virtualising VPS and thus enables to create other virtual machines inside of it.
Containerization (Docker)
Kernel Module ?Kernel Module requires some of the more advanced applications and services such as DRBD (Distributed Replicated Storage System, which uses linux platform core).
Kernel Versions Private Shared