We are GDPR-ready

3. April 2018

Since early April we have been ready for GDPR.


The regulation on the protection of personal data GDPR will come into force at the end of May but we are already prepared for it in the Master Internet.


The vast majority of requirements have been already met earlier thanks to the certifications ISO, which confirm that all processes in our company meet certain rules.  Now we have confirmed the consistency with the GDPR in the new version of the General Terms and Conditions, in which we have incorporated passages dedicated to the processing of personal data.


We are ready to act as both administrator and processors. We reviewed the contracts and incorporated the terms of the data protection issue, conducted an internal analysis of the processes, and appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for GDPR to monitor our handling of personal data, conduct audits, and participate in employee training.


To the GDPR issue is also dedicated our blog, where we share our experience and advise on how to get started with GDPR implementation.