Oxyonline.cz: Rack Housing

Part of the program tailored to oXy Online, specializing in the creation of e-shops, is the placement of servers in two locations, their connection through a direct line and technical support 24/7.

oXy Online had rack housing only in Prague, and the entire solution lacked sufficient and quick customer support in case of technical difficulties or server failures. The company therefore decided to improve their solution and find a new provider of telecommunications services, who would be able to meet the challenging requirements and provide additional space for their company servers, including the necessary technical support.

Master Internet offered a fully tailored solution and compiled a suitable rack housing program.

It should include:
  • Placement of servers in two locations - in Prague and Brno
  • "Cross" backup
  • Sufficient speed
  • High connectivity
  • 24/7 customer support with very fast response times


First, it was necessary to prepare a new server room in Brno, where the company has its place of business, to which some of the Prague servers were subsequently transported. It involved building the necessary IT infrastructure as well as alterations to the existing space. The server room was equipped with CISCO network elements and HP servers, which oXy Online has been using over a long period of time. As a firewall we chose the CISCO ASA device and RACK servers of the DL series with a minimum warranty of 3 years.

Moving servers from Prague to Brno was carried out so as to ensure the shortest possible downtime. Online shops were gradually transferred to the new servers in Brno during late night hours. The aim was obviously to restrict the operation of individual solutions as little as possible and only for the shortest time necessary. Due to proper preparation, we managed to reduce service disruptions to a minimum.

For our business we need a sufficient server capacity, enhanced backup options and most importantly secure data storage, so that all our e-shops and e-zines run under any circumstances. It is therefore necessary to provide them not only with quality hosting on professional servers, but also with sufficient technical support and a guarantee that every problem will be solved immediately. The course of our cooperation with Master Internet met our expectations. They promptly responded to all our requirements and offered us a solution tailored entirely to the needs of our company.

Zdeněk Michálek, CEO at oXy Online s.r.o.


Introducing the rack housing program from Master Internet and opening a new server room in Brno brought several significant benefits to oXy Online. For one thing, it greatly improved the local availability of servers, for another the servers are under constant supervision, and immediate technical support can be requested. Furthermore, the server room capacity increased significantly and thus also the possibilities for business growth, and at the same time backup possibilities and solution connectivity improved.

The result is leased racks in two locations, Prague and Brno, into which oXy Online places their servers. Both locations are directly connected via a dedicated line, which guarantees the agreed data throughput even during operation at peak times. In addition, the data can be "cross" backed up, thus providing against any potential dropouts or server failures.

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