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Containerization explained: what it is, benefits and applications

This is why you should consider containerization as a serious alternative to replace a VM. Continue reading

What is machine learning and where can it be applied?

The future is here: this is how machine learning is providing computers their own way of thinking. Continue reading

How to recognize between a virtual machine, a virtual server and a virtual network

If you are new in virtualization, you must take a look at this brief introduction to get to know its basic architecture. Continue reading

How to start using OpenStack

Find out how the basic OpenStack architecture works and the current possibilities to start using it. Continue reading

Quantum computer might change the world in the next five years

Take a look at the most exciting technological race in the world: quantum supremacy or how a quantum computer will change the paradigm of computer science. Continue reading

Catch old viruses: The Internet Archive adds a museum of DOS malware

The Internet archive has created a Malware museum. How did viruses work back in the ages of DOS? Now you can see for yourself. Continue reading

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